Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Boy, did the Carolina Panthers have a case of the Mondays--in fact, they may have had 2 cases.

Chronologically, as roughly 12:30 pm, Head Coach John Fox told the media that Jake Delhomme suffered a broken finger on his throwing hand. When pressed on which finger, Fox said, "right finger," but did specify that it wasn't his thumb. Media and fans have a 25% chance of figuring out which of his digits is busted. We may find out more on Wednesday, but Fox also pointed out that he didn't have to tell anyone which finger it is (per NFL rules). More on Jake in a bit.

Then, at 1:36 pm, LB Jon Beason was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges, stemming from an alleged incident on Nov. 15th, at a Charlotte strip club.

I am not about to tell anyone how they should spend their free time, or their money. You like buying cars, going on vacation, or going to strip clubs, be my guest. However, given the nature of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, is it wise to be hanging out in places that are generally frowned upon by the league? It's not a crime, but why take the chance? That's just me. Turns out, the person that filed the complaint against Beason has had previous encounters with authorities. Based on Char-Meck records, he arrested once for passing a bad check, and on another occasion for assault on a female. Both charges were later dismissed.

Beason says he will plead not guilty in court on Jan. 11, 2010. His agent says Beason is looking forward to his day in court. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.

Back to Delhomme...the broken finger apparently happened with 2:24 left in the game. It was, as I described on my Twitter page, the "Eephus Pass," to Dwayne Jarrett. Delhomme never left the game, and continued slinging it, until his 4th and final interception. I think I know Jake, and I think the dude is pretty tough. Having seen him take some pretty big hits, he's bounced up more often than not, so to think he played with a busted finger over the final 2 minutes isn't much of a stretch.

I just wonder this: What if Carolina's record was reversed, at 7-4, and Jake had just 8 interceptions, as opposed to 18. If he finished the Jets game with a banged up hand, would starting him this week against Tampa Bay be a question? Personally, I don't think so. Of course, the reality is 4-7, 18 picks, and a busted finger. My hunch (on Tuesday), is Matt Moore gets the nod against Tampa Bay. Jake is tough, and could probably play, but the injury gives Fox a chance to sit Jake (even for just 1 week), and let him regroup. Delhomme is Fox's guy (there can be no doubt about that), and Fox will remain loyal to his guys as long as he is the Head Coach (admirable). the week off, might help, and it might not, but the injury buys the Panthers some time to determine that.

For the record, I am a Delhomme supporter, in spite of the picks. He is more than a quarterback, he's a good person who does great things for the Charlotte community. It is difficult seeing the guy struggle the way he has, and I have been critical of him when it was fair. He is not the lone reason the Panthers are 4-7. His overall play can, and should be examined, especially when the INT's outnumber the touchdowns by more than 2-1 (18 INT's-8 TD's). Laying all the blame at his feet, however, is ignorant.

Bobcats go for 5 straight as they take on the Boston Celtics, NASCAR Champions week getting cranked up out west, and much more on Sports Night at 10. Don't miss it!

Mike Solarte


Frontline Student Ministries said...

Good article my friend. I like Jake as well and I seriously hope he can shake this funk he is in. It is hard to watch and I'm beginning to wonder if his arm is just gone. It would have been better though if the staff would have benched him after the 9th or 10th INT and let him clear his head a bit. It worked for the Eagles and McNabb. I'm not sure if public opinion can jump back on Jake's side.

Oh well...

Hurtin' Panther said...

Dear John,

You are a very hard-headed, stubborn man. I know you have your ways, and I used to appreciate that when you first came to Carolina. I have given you several years now to prove to me that you can change and make a difference in my life, but I am now giving up. You took me to the Super Bowl in 2004, and things were great back then. I thought you could keep that fire burning, but you've instead gone back to your simple ways. You won't listen when I or others warn you what you're doing to us. You act like it's no big deal, and that with patience you will overcome your issues. I'm tired of feeling like a loser, and I'm tired of you telling me that it's just part of life.

My patience is now worn out and you have done nothing in the last couple of years to show me you care anymore. You act like a man who is ready to leave me, so I am now telling you GOODBYE first. Come this time next year, you will be out of my life and I will have a new man to address my needs. I need a man who will listen when things are going wrong. I need a man who will have the courage to do what's right, even if it means hurting someone else's feelings. You aren't the man I thought you were. Maybe you just need to find someone else to push your beliefs upon. Thanks for the few good memories you've given me, and good luck in the future. I'm sure we'll meet again someday, but just know that I won't be happy to see you and you will pay for what you've done to me.

Used and Abused Panther

Hurtin' Panther said...

Dear Jake,

We've been together for about 7 years now. When you first came to Carolina, you brought excitement into my life. You would lay it all on the line and even took me to a Super Bowl. Things were good between us then.

You have changed and aren't the same anymore. You used to give me TD's, and now all you have for me is INT's. I know that you'll find another home soon, so I wanted to tell you now......GOODBYE! You broke my heart Jake, you broke my heart. Maybe someday we'll meet again, although you'll be with someone else and I'll have a replacement for you who will provide me with all my needs. What we had is gone.....it's over Jake.

Yours truly,
Lonesome Panther