Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mid-week musings

  • Carolina Panthers right tackle Jeff Otah hit the Injured Reserve list on Tuesday. He's the 10th Panther to hit the IR this season. One more, and the Panthers could have a starting unit out there. Yikes. That unit wouldn't be very balanced, though. Of the 10, only one play is a skill position player (QB Josh McCown).
  • Seems to be some chatter about this new NFL CBA, and the things that could be included in a "new NFL" once the deal is done. Things like the 18 game regular season, which we all kinda figure is coming, but there would need to be concessions made if that is the case. Couple things I have heard: expanding the rosters to carry more players, and giving teams a baseball-like injured reserve system. Basically, putting a player on IR wouldn't have to mean shutting that player down for the season under a new system. What does it all mean? Until a deal gets done between the league and players, it means zero. I can see, though, how this would benefit the players union. They would be getting 2 additional game checks for their membership, and there would be more jobs available for their union. Hard to argue against it if you are increasing the number of people you represent.
  • Panthers begin prep work on Minnesota on Wednesday. Possible storylines this week include Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, who starts for the Panthers at QB, Brett Favre, the Sunday Night game atmosphere, how does the Panthers OL respond minus Otah, and Brett Favre.
  • Charlotte Bobcats put together a nice win Tuesday over the NY Knicks, 94-87. It wasn't the fact that they won, but they came back from a 12 point hole to get the win. Games like this are the kind this team lost in years past, under Bernie Bickerstaff and Sam Vincent (moreso under Vincent). Difference now is this team is more mature, and they have guys that can finish. Stephen Jackson has been just what the doctor ordered for this Bobcats squad, Raymond Felton continues to grow, and role players are making contributions. Guys like Stephen Graham, Nazr Mohammed, and even rookies Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson are chipping in. I have heard the Bobcats in the past say they will make the playoffs, but I never really believed they would. Barring injuries, this team will make the post-season. Book it.'
  • Have a scheduled interview with Danica Patrick Wednesday afternoon, and you will be able to see it in its entirety on Sports Night tonight at 10, and of course, on our website, Should be interesting to get her thoughts on her journey into stock cars, and more. Hope you like it!

Mike Solarte

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