Thursday, December 20, 2012

Panthers Fans Outrage Refreshing

Well the open letter by disgruntled Panthers fans and PSL owners published this week in The Charlotte Observer certainly caused a stir, albeit not the kind those behind the letter had intended.  The firestorm from the media centered more on the group not signing there names to the letter rather than their frustration with the Panthers organization.  Let's put the group's choice to remain anonymous aside for the moment.  I'd rather focus on why they wrote what they did. 

I first moved to Charlotte in November of 2003 and in the nearly ten years since, that letter marks the first public outcry I can ever remember over a dissatisfaction with a local sports team.  Don't recall reading or hearing anything like this during the 2-14 season the Panthers had a few years ago and not when the Bobcats went 7-59 last year.  So while I find these fans timing to voice their complaints now -- during a season in which the Panthers could finish 7-9 -- a little odd, I applaud them for doing so.

During my time living here, my perception has been that fans are apathetic when the local teams don't succeed.  And if that perception is accurate then that fan apathy is my biggest criticism of the sports culture here in the Queen City.

Think about it, how many native Charlotteans do you know?  My guess is not many.  Even the locals I've met tell me they're a rarity.  Charlotte would seem to have become a transient city.  The Panthers or the Bobcats are everyone's second favorite team because most of the residents are from somewhere else.  Question, how many of you root on the Panthers or the Bobcats until your favorite team comes to town? 

So instead of blasting this group of Panthers PSL owners for remaining anonymous, why don't we discuss the valid point they make.  In the 18 years the Panthers have been around, they have just four winning seasons and none of them consecutively.  The Bobcats have made just one playoff appearance in its history.  Do you really think that track record wouldn't cause outrage in Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, New York or LA?  Even Atlanta? Because until now, it certainly seems like it hasn't here.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Panthers, Bobcats and more

Panthers fall to Kansas City, Bobcats are better, Duke going bowling, and a Movember update.


Mike Solarte