Thursday, December 31, 2009

Panthers-Saints thoughts

Sunday will mark the end of the 2009 season for the Carolina Panthers, win, lose or draw. There will be no nail-biting moments of "what can they do to get into the playoffs," or anything like that. It's a football game, and then clear out your locker.

That in mind, I am going with the home team to win.

I have never been more impressed by an 8-win football team, than I am with the Panthers. This team may not have always looked its best on the field, but in the dressing room, they are a family. A real family. They play for each other. They play for their coach. They weather the storms as best they can, and had it not been for a dreadful start, they would be a playoff team. The margin of error is just so small.

As for the Saints, they have nothing to gain by playing their starters the distance. They are also on a 2-game losing streak. Based on those factors, I see the Saints trying to win the game in the first 3 quarters, then trying to hang on in the 4th. Carolina should win this game on that fact alone, but if the Saints are out to make a point to the rest of the NFC, then hanging on in the 4th won't be an issue. The statement will be loud and clear (if it comes), and will sound something like 4 or 5 Saints touchdowns.

I don't see that happening though, based on the Panthers defense of late. They are playing tremendous football. The hits, turnovers, pressure. Wow. I also want to applaud the play of Julius Peppers, especially over the final 10 games or so. Maybe it was the Jon Beason radio call-out of Peppers, but he has been a monster since. Still not convinced he has earned the dollar amount attached to his franchise tag status, but he's been pretty good in 2009.

Pro Bowl: Beason out of the Pro Bowl, and Saints LB Jonathan Vilma in? To borrow a phrase from ESPN, "c'mon, man!"

Props to Peppers and DeAngelo Williams for their selections. Deserving with the season's they have had. Hard to imagine Thomas Davis not being there, after the season he was having. Then again, the NFC probably would have left him off in favor of someone like Wilber Marshall. And Marshall is retired.

The off-season will bring its own kind of drama and news. Pardon me as I wait for it to roll around. For now, a Happy New Year to all, and we'll see you on Sports Night tonight at 10.

Mike Solarte

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle

First off, a big shout out to US Airways and Northwest Airlines. Snow cancelled my return flight on Saturday, and US Air booked me and my family to a NWA flight the next day. Very accommodating, no lost luggage. Mad props to them all.

OK, another fun nugget from the trip, was the Panthers-Giants game on at my gate on Sunday. Wow, what a ballgame. Truth be told, we watched the first half having lunch at an airport restaurant, the 2nd half at the gate. Carolina took the Giants to school, opening up that big 24 point lead, and never letting up.

That leads me to this: Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorensen wrote in his blog that the Panthers will give Head Coach John Fox, GM Marty Hurney, and the rest of the staff, the opportunity to return next season--read, they will not be fired.

I have written here in the past that the Panthers would be foolish to clean house based on the football side, but somehow I have left out the economic side. I have said this to colleague,s but never written it (and still don't know why). The looming labor issues with the NFL lead me to think the Panthers will be doing what hey can to save their money, in case of a work stoppage in 2011. 2010 looks to be a non-salary cap year, which could lead to some teams (like Dallas and Washington), breaking the bank to sign free agents. Penalty-free spending. Carolina likely won't be among the "blank-check" teams. Not their style.

It's a tangled web of bargaining, and balancing, and dividing a billion dollar pie, something I am not nearly qualified to tackle. I will offer this, however. The nature of the discussions leads me to think that there won't be football in 2011, so prudent teams will keep their money under their mattress, rather than invest it in players they may only have for one year.

Had the chance to speak with Richard Marshall and Mackenzy Bernadeau, along with Coach Fox on Monday. We'll bring that to you throughout the day, and on Sports Night at 10, along with Bobcats highlights, and Davidson facing Pennsylvania too.

Mike Solarte

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Thoughts...the Poem version

Hello, one and all, and a Happy Holidays to you. Couple thoughts, and then some Christmas cheer.
  • Carolina Panthers placed QB Jake Delhomme on season-ending IR Thursday, after it was determined his throwing hand wouldn't be right. Delhomme admitted he broke the knuckle on his middle finger, and after a couple weeks, it hadn't come around. 2009 will be a year on the field that he'll want to forget. Here's hoping he is able to do just that.
  • A quick hit on the Panthers-Giants (as I likely won't blog again until next week). Carolina will have to bring their thievery act with them to the Meadowlands. Takeaways will be important, as the Giants have a ton of confidence after the beating they put on Washington this past Monday night. DeAngelo Williams could miss this one with an ankle injury, meaning Jonathan Stewart would be the focal point of the offense. Carolina can win this one, and if they manage to pull it off, they could take an 8-8 record with them at season's end. The way 2009 has played out, that is still a very desired goal for the players in the room, and I suspect they will pull out all the stops to reach it.
  • Charlotte Bobcats center Tyson Chandler has a stress reaction in his left foot, meaning he'll miss at least a week with the injury. The Bobcats need him to be a little more of a presence, as Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson have carried a lions share of the load. Nazr Mohammed has done good work coming off the bench, but Chandler needs to contribute a touch more. Keep in mind, he's still working his way back to being 100% after those off-season ankle and toe surgeries. Imagine how good the Bobcats could be if he gets right during the homestretch of the season.

Today is Christmas Eve, a down day in the world of sports. The fact that games are harder to find led me to dream up a little holiday prose for you. Hope you enjoy it.

'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the land, The stands were all silent, there were no fans

The Panthers have battled, scratched and clawed, But their 6-8 record hasn't left anyone awed

The injuries have been plenty, the cheers too few, All that's left now is to figure what next to do

The engines have quieted on the NASCAR scene, At least 2 more weeks until the drivers reconvene

The Sprint Cup guys still chase the number 48, Four years in a row, he's proven to simply be great

Guys like Denny, Jeff, Mark, and Kyle will all strive, To keep Jimmie off the pace for title number 5

There are those we lost in 2009, too many to name now, but one we shall always remember is NC State's coach Kay Yow

So on Coach Brown, Coach Lutz, and Coach Aston, To the playoffs and March Madness is all fans are askin'

Not long after that, the golfers will be back at Quail Hollow, and fans are all wondering if there will be a Tiger to follow

For now, we look ahead to a holiday with family and friends, times we all wish would never end

Once they do, the games we watch will be out of sight, and we promise to deliver the best to you at 10, on Sports Night!

Merry Christmas!

Mike Solarte

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sorry, Vikes fans, the sad truth...

The Minnesota Vikings will not win the Super Bowl this season.

No, it has nothing to do with their loss to Carolina on Sunday night. The Panthers played well, and deserved that win. The sad truth for Vikings fans is this:

Your team quit in the 4th quarter.

I don't know that I have ever said that about any team I have watched with my own eyes, but what I saw from the Vikings was something I had never seen before.

Carolina was blasting the Vikings every chance they got. Julius Peppers was on top of Brett Favre so much, he could have been part of the soon-to-be-hall-of-famer's uniform. It got so bad, Head Coach Brad Childress wanted to lift his starter for fear of him getting hurt. To Favre's credit (and yes, I have blasted Favre for his on-the-fence approach to playing or retiring), the guy hung tough and stayed in, convincing Childress he was fine, and just let him go.

Why do I say Minnesota quit? Factor this all in.

At the start of the 4th, Minnesota LED 7-6. The Panthers had the ball, and scored :11 seconds into the final 15 minutes. They couldn't convert the 2-point try, and then led 12-7. That's a 5 point game.

Over the final 14:49, the Vikings ran 11 offensive plays, and gained 94 yards. Remove the dump off to Adrian Peterson, that turned into a 63 yard gain in their final drive, and it's 31 yards on 10 plays. Hats off to the Panthers defense for their work.

The real issue is with that stout Vikings defense. Carolina, in the final 14:49, had 3 possessions (the TD in the opening minute of the 4th qtr was a continuation of a 3rd quarter drive, so I am not counting it). The numbers for drive 1: 6 plays, 77 yards, TD, 3:00 time of possession. Drive 2: 8 plays, 80 yards, TD, 5:01 time of possession. Drive 3: 4 plays, 12 yards, ballgame.

The Vikings defense was reduced to a shell of itself. The fearsome front 4 was being man-handled by, what is now, a patchwork offensive front. Geoff Schwartz replacing Jeff Otah at right tackle, Travelle Wharton shifted to left tackle a few weeks ago due to Jordan Gross' broken leg, Mackenzy Bernadeau in at left guard....didn't matter. Minnesota's Pat and Kevin Williams, Jared Allen and Ray Edwards only got minimal whiffs of Matt Moore's after shave. They were held in check, allowing Jonathan Stewart to go over 100 yards, and score a pair of td's. Moore misses 300 yards passing by just 3 feet, Steve Smith catches 9 balls, 157 yards and a td.

The body language on the Vikings defensive players was telling. Heads hanging, shoulders slumped, basically, they were beaten like drums. Again, it was a 5 point deficit with virtually the entire 4th quarter to play. Carolina slugged the Vikes in the mouth, and Minnesota wilted.

The NFC Champion will be New Orleans once the playoffs wrap up, and if Minnesota makes it to the conference final, watch for the first sign of adversity to turn the Purple People Eaters in the teh conference runners-up.

Mike Solarte

Any Given Sunday

For Panthers fans, last night was the reason why they show up to every home game. You just never know what's going to unfold on the field. Not many gave Carolina a chance against Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and the rest of the vaunted Minnesota Vikings... but that's why they play the game. Trailing by one the Panthers exploded for 20 4th quarter points and easily beat the Vikings 26-7.

It just proves, once again, that you never know in the NFL. A former colleague of mine used to say, "Nobody goes undefeated. Nobody goes winless in the NFL." And with apologies to the '72 Dolphins and '08 Lions, that's true. Carolina's win, while surprising, isn't all that shocking. To prove it, just look at the NFL schedule from week to week. Who expected the Bengals to beat the Steelers and Ravens not just once, but twice? Tampa Bay, winless at the time, shocked Green Bay in week 9? Nobody saw Tennesse's 0-6 start or Denver's 6-0 beginning. And what about Oakland? The Raiders were 2-7 after 9 games and have managed to win 3 of its last 5, beating Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and the Broncos. Plus the Lions not only won a game this year, they've won two.

What last night's win has fueled among Panthers fans is the feeling that this is how they should have been playing all year. For one night, at least, Carolina overcame the injuries that have plagued the defense. Matt Moore looked like the answer at quarterback and John Fox had the right game plan. The reality, the Panthers stand at 6-8 with two games to play. And even if they win both and finish the season at 8-8, it's likely they'll be changes this offseason in Panther-land. Just how much is hard to tell. For you see, as good season as Carolina had last year... you just never know what's going to happen from week-to-week, year-to-year in the NFL.

--Jason Brown

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mid-week musings

  • Carolina Panthers right tackle Jeff Otah hit the Injured Reserve list on Tuesday. He's the 10th Panther to hit the IR this season. One more, and the Panthers could have a starting unit out there. Yikes. That unit wouldn't be very balanced, though. Of the 10, only one play is a skill position player (QB Josh McCown).
  • Seems to be some chatter about this new NFL CBA, and the things that could be included in a "new NFL" once the deal is done. Things like the 18 game regular season, which we all kinda figure is coming, but there would need to be concessions made if that is the case. Couple things I have heard: expanding the rosters to carry more players, and giving teams a baseball-like injured reserve system. Basically, putting a player on IR wouldn't have to mean shutting that player down for the season under a new system. What does it all mean? Until a deal gets done between the league and players, it means zero. I can see, though, how this would benefit the players union. They would be getting 2 additional game checks for their membership, and there would be more jobs available for their union. Hard to argue against it if you are increasing the number of people you represent.
  • Panthers begin prep work on Minnesota on Wednesday. Possible storylines this week include Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, who starts for the Panthers at QB, Brett Favre, the Sunday Night game atmosphere, how does the Panthers OL respond minus Otah, and Brett Favre.
  • Charlotte Bobcats put together a nice win Tuesday over the NY Knicks, 94-87. It wasn't the fact that they won, but they came back from a 12 point hole to get the win. Games like this are the kind this team lost in years past, under Bernie Bickerstaff and Sam Vincent (moreso under Vincent). Difference now is this team is more mature, and they have guys that can finish. Stephen Jackson has been just what the doctor ordered for this Bobcats squad, Raymond Felton continues to grow, and role players are making contributions. Guys like Stephen Graham, Nazr Mohammed, and even rookies Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson are chipping in. I have heard the Bobcats in the past say they will make the playoffs, but I never really believed they would. Barring injuries, this team will make the post-season. Book it.'
  • Have a scheduled interview with Danica Patrick Wednesday afternoon, and you will be able to see it in its entirety on Sports Night tonight at 10, and of course, on our website, Should be interesting to get her thoughts on her journey into stock cars, and more. Hope you like it!

Mike Solarte

Monday, December 14, 2009

3 to go next time by....

The Carolina Panthers have 3 games left on the 2009 schedule which no one will give them a chance to win (they will be underdogs in all of them, including the 2 home games they have left), and have only a few things left to play for. A .500 record for the season, jobs for next season, and the role of spoiler in the case of New Orleans. That, of course, is only if the Saints win their next 2, and are on the brink of a 16-0 season.

It has been a rough year. The defense fans had hoped to see is just now gelling, and it is doing so without some major parts. Depending on who the Panthers retain (or are able to retain), the defense could improve. Lots of possibilities on that side of the ball.

Offensively, there is work to be done. The QB position will likely be addressed. The 2nd receiver position will likely be addressed. Surprisingly, the offensive line depth that has been tested, has responded pretty well. No team can ever have too much depth, and the Panthers likely wouldn't mind a little help there behind the starters.

Special teams are still somewhat of an issue. John Kasay's range appears to be falling off each year--he is still string straight more often than not, however, he's not a threat for 50 yards anymore. How does the franchise transition away from the last original Panther? The classy way, which is how they have handled things in the past, would be for Kasay to call it quits on his own. Forcing him out would be ugly. I couldn't imagine the Panthers doing that to him, given what he means to the franchise as a person.

There continue to be thoughts that Coach Fox and GM Marty Hurney could be on the way out at season's end. Would that cure the ills? I don't think so. I don't think firing Fox and/or Hurney is the answer. Stability, to me, helps build consistency. This year has been anything but consistent, though. Jerry Richardson is not a knee-jerk kind of owner. He assesses, and evaluates. The thing Fox and Hurney have in their favor is Richardson's playing career. He's the only owner that actually played in the NFL. He knows what it's like to lose key players to injury early in the season. He knows how important that chemistry is.

My guess is that he's not happy with certain aspects of things on his football team, and may make changes, without gassing the leaders. I could be wrong about all this, but the big picture outweighs the short-term action/reaction.

More on this week's matchup later in the week.

On my drive down to Charlotte from Raleigh on Sunday morning, I had the chance to listen to WEEI Radio out of Boston. It was their pre-game show, leading into their NFL coverage. Studio hosts (whose names escape me), joined by former Pats TE Christian Fauria. Fauria spent part of the 2007 season with Carolina as his career was winding down.

They were doing the usual pre-game breakdown--the Pats offense v. Carolina's defense, vice-versa, and so on. I was a little surprised, and somewhat disappointed to hear Fauria describe Panthers WR Steve Smith as "a cancer," and "unstable." Now, I know he was in the Panthers dressing room, and interacted with Smith, but unstable? He went on by saying, "take the most unstable person you know, multiply that by a million, and that is Steve Smith." It makes great radio, I know, but it also is a bit of a knife to the back. Maybe the two didn't get along. Maybe Fauria just didn't like the attention Smith got in the offense. I don't know. That seemed to be a bit over the top for my taste.

It's been a frustrating season for the Panthers, so much so, that now even former one-year stopover players are getting in their shots.

Mike Solarte

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick Panthers-Patriots thoughts

The Panthers head to Gillette Stadium for the first time this weekend, facing a New England team that has lost 2 straight. Both teams eye their opponent as the right medicine at the right time (Carolina likes a struggling Patriots, the Pats like a Carolina team that has had its own issues). Some storylines...
  • Jake Delhomme missed practice again Wednesday with the broken finger on his throwing hand. Matt Moore looks to get the nod at QB, unless Jake makes a quick recovery. Moore said Wednesday that he needs to trust himself more, and go after plays. Good sign that he recognizes that. The kid wants to get better, and knows he may have left some points on the field against Tampa Bay. That can't happen over the final 4 games, given Carolina meets the Pats, Minnesota, NY Giants and New Orleans.
  • Staying with the injury front, RB DeAngelo Williams returned to practice Wednesday--good sign there, meaning Carolina should have both "Double," and "Trouble" for the Pats. Williams missed last week with an ankle injury, and told me on the sidelines being in street clothes "sucks."
  • Defensively, Carolina faces a big-play threat every time Tom Brady takes the snap. Randy Moos and Wes Welker pose big problems. DT Damione Lewis told me on Wednesday that they try not to give up the big play, but if they do, bending is better than breaking. Give them 3, not 6 is the mentality. Carolina had five interceptions against the Bucs, and will need another day like that to neutralize the Pats offense.
  • It's expected to be cold in Foxboro, with the possibility of snow. QB Moore says he's played in the snow "when I was 10, so I'm prepared for that." Funny, but no doubt the game changes when the elements show up. The team that minimizes mistakes (read turnovers), generally ends up getting the "W."

In speaking to some of my media colleagues on Wednesday, we came to the conclusion that this Panthers team could go 0-4 over the final month, or even 4-0. Schizophrenic as they can be, you can never count out a John Fox coached team. They have done more in seemingly worse situations.

I'm not sure they can pull that feat this weekend in New England, however. The Pats are wounded, and fairly unhappy. A grumpy team loaded with talent generally makes for a long day for their opponent. Given the season the Panthers have had, though, they should be a little grumpy, too.

Grumpiest team wins.

Mike Solarte

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Be still, my beating heart...

It's finally gonna happen. Danica Patrick is going to sign with JR Motorsports, and run a select number of Nationwide Series races over the next 2 years (at least).

Which ones are not know, but she'll take part in an ARCA series test in Daytona a few days before Christmas this year.

You can feel the excitement in the air.

OK, if you don't think I am PILING ON the sarcasm, I should warn you I am.

This "I'm coming to NASCAR but, nothing is set yet," dance Patrick has had the motorsports world on is tiresome, and annoying. It's the gnat at the picnic that seems to buzz in your eyes right when you get ready to take a bite of your sandwich.

What is the NASCAR world waiting for, anyway? Patrick's IRL numbers, according to one NASCAR team member: 82 starts, 1 win (in Japan), 16 top-5's, 42 top-10's. 110 laps led.

110 laps led in 82 starts? Kyle Busch leads that many in 1 start. And Kyle hasn't won a championship yet (but his day will come).

Not knowing HOW this deal came together, it's hard to pick at JR Motorsports, and I'm truly not picking at them. They feel this is the best decision for their company, and I'm cool with that. It's the hyped nature of this thing. Danica is a woman. She's attractive. She can line up sponsors for miles.

Can she win?

If she can't win, she's the Anna Kournikova of racing. Period.

Tuesday's press conference is in Phoenix, just 3 days after NASCAR celebrated it's 2009 season with the end-of-year banquet. In Las Vegas. All the media that was out there (and there were plenty of the series garage-heads out there), went back home either Saturday or Sunday. Wouldn't you want the folks that cover NASCAR to be there when it is made official that the Great Danica is planning on beginning her stock car career?

Personally, I'm not rooting against her, I would just prefer she back up all the hype with some success on the track. Jacques Villeneuve couldn't do it. Sam Hornish, Jr. has struggled, but has improved. Patrick Carpentier couldn't do it. The only open-wheel racers to be successful in NASCAR (recently) are Tony Stewart (who can drive anything, and I mean ANYTHING), and Robby Gordon, although Stewart has done far more than Robby.

In this case of style v. substance, style laps the field. When the smoke clears, substance will speak the loudest.

Mike Solarte

Monday, December 7, 2009

On Bowl Match-Ups and What Could Have Been

I have a question to those on the Bowl Championship Series Committee. What purpose does it serve to have undefeated Boise State vs undefeated Texas Christian (TCU)? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled both non-BCS schools are in BCS Bowls, but against each other? These programs want to prove themselves against the big boys to show they belong, just like Boise State did to Okalhoma and just like Utah did to Alabama in previous years. Wouldn't having TCU face Cincinnati and Boise State battle Florida been the perfect stage for both schools to show its worth? But I digress....

Speaking of the Bearcats, what a roller coaster weekend it was for UC. They come from behind to beat Pittsburgh and claim the Big East Championship. Then they were one second away from Nebraska beating Texas, and thus being in the BCS Championship versus Alabama. You see, according to several media reports, if Nebraska had upset Texas, Cincinnati would have leap-frogged TCU in the BCS standings. Now while no one will quibble with the championship game we have with Alabama vs Texas, it still leaves three other undefeated teams (UC, TCU and Boise St.) on the outside looking in. Not to sound like "The Godfather of Soul" James Brown, but please, please, please, can't somebody come up with a viable playoff format!? It seems to work for all the other college football divisions in the NCAA. Just ask Appalachian State.
--Jason Brown
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Friday, December 4, 2009

In lieu of writing it out....

I submit to you this link, with my thoughts on Sunday's Panthers-Bucs meeting.


Jake Delhomme will not play, and DT Tank Tyler went on IR Friday, replaced on the roster by Derek Landri, recently released by Jacksonville. The attrition continues.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mike Solarte

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Boy, did the Carolina Panthers have a case of the Mondays--in fact, they may have had 2 cases.

Chronologically, as roughly 12:30 pm, Head Coach John Fox told the media that Jake Delhomme suffered a broken finger on his throwing hand. When pressed on which finger, Fox said, "right finger," but did specify that it wasn't his thumb. Media and fans have a 25% chance of figuring out which of his digits is busted. We may find out more on Wednesday, but Fox also pointed out that he didn't have to tell anyone which finger it is (per NFL rules). More on Jake in a bit.

Then, at 1:36 pm, LB Jon Beason was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges, stemming from an alleged incident on Nov. 15th, at a Charlotte strip club.

I am not about to tell anyone how they should spend their free time, or their money. You like buying cars, going on vacation, or going to strip clubs, be my guest. However, given the nature of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, is it wise to be hanging out in places that are generally frowned upon by the league? It's not a crime, but why take the chance? That's just me. Turns out, the person that filed the complaint against Beason has had previous encounters with authorities. Based on Char-Meck records, he arrested once for passing a bad check, and on another occasion for assault on a female. Both charges were later dismissed.

Beason says he will plead not guilty in court on Jan. 11, 2010. His agent says Beason is looking forward to his day in court. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.

Back to Delhomme...the broken finger apparently happened with 2:24 left in the game. It was, as I described on my Twitter page, the "Eephus Pass," to Dwayne Jarrett. Delhomme never left the game, and continued slinging it, until his 4th and final interception. I think I know Jake, and I think the dude is pretty tough. Having seen him take some pretty big hits, he's bounced up more often than not, so to think he played with a busted finger over the final 2 minutes isn't much of a stretch.

I just wonder this: What if Carolina's record was reversed, at 7-4, and Jake had just 8 interceptions, as opposed to 18. If he finished the Jets game with a banged up hand, would starting him this week against Tampa Bay be a question? Personally, I don't think so. Of course, the reality is 4-7, 18 picks, and a busted finger. My hunch (on Tuesday), is Matt Moore gets the nod against Tampa Bay. Jake is tough, and could probably play, but the injury gives Fox a chance to sit Jake (even for just 1 week), and let him regroup. Delhomme is Fox's guy (there can be no doubt about that), and Fox will remain loyal to his guys as long as he is the Head Coach (admirable). the week off, might help, and it might not, but the injury buys the Panthers some time to determine that.

For the record, I am a Delhomme supporter, in spite of the picks. He is more than a quarterback, he's a good person who does great things for the Charlotte community. It is difficult seeing the guy struggle the way he has, and I have been critical of him when it was fair. He is not the lone reason the Panthers are 4-7. His overall play can, and should be examined, especially when the INT's outnumber the touchdowns by more than 2-1 (18 INT's-8 TD's). Laying all the blame at his feet, however, is ignorant.

Bobcats go for 5 straight as they take on the Boston Celtics, NASCAR Champions week getting cranked up out west, and much more on Sports Night at 10. Don't miss it!

Mike Solarte