Monday, December 7, 2009

On Bowl Match-Ups and What Could Have Been

I have a question to those on the Bowl Championship Series Committee. What purpose does it serve to have undefeated Boise State vs undefeated Texas Christian (TCU)? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled both non-BCS schools are in BCS Bowls, but against each other? These programs want to prove themselves against the big boys to show they belong, just like Boise State did to Okalhoma and just like Utah did to Alabama in previous years. Wouldn't having TCU face Cincinnati and Boise State battle Florida been the perfect stage for both schools to show its worth? But I digress....

Speaking of the Bearcats, what a roller coaster weekend it was for UC. They come from behind to beat Pittsburgh and claim the Big East Championship. Then they were one second away from Nebraska beating Texas, and thus being in the BCS Championship versus Alabama. You see, according to several media reports, if Nebraska had upset Texas, Cincinnati would have leap-frogged TCU in the BCS standings. Now while no one will quibble with the championship game we have with Alabama vs Texas, it still leaves three other undefeated teams (UC, TCU and Boise St.) on the outside looking in. Not to sound like "The Godfather of Soul" James Brown, but please, please, please, can't somebody come up with a viable playoff format!? It seems to work for all the other college football divisions in the NCAA. Just ask Appalachian State.
--Jason Brown
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