Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle

First off, a big shout out to US Airways and Northwest Airlines. Snow cancelled my return flight on Saturday, and US Air booked me and my family to a NWA flight the next day. Very accommodating, no lost luggage. Mad props to them all.

OK, another fun nugget from the trip, was the Panthers-Giants game on at my gate on Sunday. Wow, what a ballgame. Truth be told, we watched the first half having lunch at an airport restaurant, the 2nd half at the gate. Carolina took the Giants to school, opening up that big 24 point lead, and never letting up.

That leads me to this: Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorensen wrote in his blog that the Panthers will give Head Coach John Fox, GM Marty Hurney, and the rest of the staff, the opportunity to return next season--read, they will not be fired.

I have written here in the past that the Panthers would be foolish to clean house based on the football side, but somehow I have left out the economic side. I have said this to colleague,s but never written it (and still don't know why). The looming labor issues with the NFL lead me to think the Panthers will be doing what hey can to save their money, in case of a work stoppage in 2011. 2010 looks to be a non-salary cap year, which could lead to some teams (like Dallas and Washington), breaking the bank to sign free agents. Penalty-free spending. Carolina likely won't be among the "blank-check" teams. Not their style.

It's a tangled web of bargaining, and balancing, and dividing a billion dollar pie, something I am not nearly qualified to tackle. I will offer this, however. The nature of the discussions leads me to think that there won't be football in 2011, so prudent teams will keep their money under their mattress, rather than invest it in players they may only have for one year.

Had the chance to speak with Richard Marshall and Mackenzy Bernadeau, along with Coach Fox on Monday. We'll bring that to you throughout the day, and on Sports Night at 10, along with Bobcats highlights, and Davidson facing Pennsylvania too.

Mike Solarte

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