Monday, November 30, 2009

Tired of Tiger Watch

I understand that because Tiger Woods has made millions upon millions in the public eye, that his late-night Thanksgiving crash is news. However, the stakeout of his secluded residence in Orlando, Florida, by ESPN and other media outlets I just find too much. I would hate to be the reporter assigned to this story.

The state highway police say charges are pending, but quickly added that alcohol did not play a factor. And just because charges are pending, doesn't mean they are forthcoming. Charges may never be filed.

Assuming that's the case, who cares why Tiger crashed into a fire hydrant and a neighbors tree at 2:25 in the morning. It's none of my business. The situation is juicy and fascinating, but at it's core it's just gossip. Frankly, something too many of us Americans take part in and I wish it would stop.

The primary theory is this crash is the result of some domestic dispute between Tiger and is wife, Elin. Having been married for nearly three years, I can appreciate the ups and downs in a marriage; however, those issues should remain private no matter who you are. Tiger does not owe me or anyone else an explanation. The only people he owes one to are his wife and family.

Celebrities personal lives are written about, scrutinized and judged in this country almost as much as health care or the war in Afghanistan. Stop for a second and ask yourself if you would want the magnifying glass examining your life.

None of us are perfect and it should come as no surprise that neither is Tiger Woods. Athletes are human beings too.

--Jason Brown

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. After 32 years of marriage, I feel the same way. Why do we care? Don't we have enough to worry about? Leave the man, and his young family, alone!