Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Night Blogging

OK, not as catchy as Monday Night Football, but it'll have to do. Where to begin? How's about some football.
  • Panther fans grumpy that the Cats didn't seek Michael Vick or Jay Cutler in trade should be somewhat eased by what they have seen out of both so far this season. Vick, with the exception of one big run against Chicago Sunday night, has been an afterthought, and Cutler leads the NFL in picks. Yes, Cutler, not Jake Delhomme. In fact, Cutler is 4 picks clear of Delhomme with NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez sandwiched in between. Mind you, being 3rd in the NFL in most picks is akin to being the Valedictorian of Summer School. Just a reminder that there are worse things going on in the NFL.
  • Panthers face the Sanchez-led Jets this Sunday. Both teams coming off of losses to AFC East opponents. The Panthers fell by 7 to Miami, the Jets were thumped by New England (a team Carolina meets in 3 weeks). The Jets are a complete mess (save for their running game-more on that in a second), or at least the Patriots made them look like one. Sanchez is rattled, and when rushed, he looks like a rookie--no shame in that. Sanchez has the tools to be a good one. He just needs some hep from the big uglies in the trenches. Right now, though, he i a deer in the headlights. The Panthers would do well to win the takeaway battle this week. It would greatly enhance their chance to win.
  • The Panthers are banged up. LB's Landon Johnson (knee) and Na'il Diggs (ribs) may not make it to the field this week (the official update comes on Wednesday). What's left in the cupboard? Dan Connor, newly-promoted-from-the-practice-squad Kelvin Smith, and James Anderson. As it stands tonight, the Panthers have 4 healthy linebackers, and 2 guys that are iffy (healthwise) at best. Not the ideal situation to be in as they get ready to meet a Jets team that leads the NFL in rushing yards per contest (just over 163 per game).

A question for you. Do you think the Panthers are going to fire John Fox? I will be honest, and say I just don't know. There are arguments both ways, but in the end, the decision will come from team owner Jerry Richardson. If Fox does go, others will go with him. The one thing the Panthers have tried to pride themselves on is stability, but that foundation has been rocked hard this season. Both Mark and John Richardson resigned from their posts within the team this year, and Danny Morrison was brought in as the new team President. I wasn't in Charlotte for the George Seifert era (is it really an era?), but I do recall the things being said and written about the team then. When Seifert was removed from the post, the thought conveyed about the franchise was the buzz was gone.

I'm not here to tell you the buzz is gone--this team continues to fight hard each week. They simply don't quit, when they would have every reason to. They've lost their starting DT, WLB, and LT to season-ending injuries. The backups that have stepped in have done their best, but remember they are behind the starters for a reason. This team believes they can win. They believe in their head coach. They believe in their QB, and the plan the coaches put before them.

Belief only takes you to game day. Getting it done when the game is on is what matters most. John Fox preaches that. "It's a results oriented business."

"What have you done for me lately?"

At the end of the season, 2 trips to the NFC Championship game, and a Super Bowl appearance may not be enough to keep Fox around. It's not my preference, but it may be the reality.

Mike Solarte

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brandonknight said...

Jay has not lived up to expectations, and in my estimation he doesnt seem to coach the receivers on mistakes or make the players around him better. I think the elite qbs can work with marginal talent and still produce wins.