Monday, March 16, 2009

Who wants to play?

For the loyal readers of this blog, I have set up a Yahoo Pick 'Em group for the big dance. It's free to play, and is only for the readers of this blog. You must have a Yahoo account to play (which you can sign up for one if you don't have one, that, too, is free).

The info you need is this:

Group Number 122617
Password news14 (type it like you see it)

No promises for a News 14 kinda prize, but I may be able to scare something up. I have 3 weeks to figure it out. Just make sure we can get in touch with you when you win it. Oh, and if I end up taking it down (as I anticipate HAHA!), runner-up would get whatever goods I can scrounge. Again, no promises.

Again, it's a contest for the readers of the blog--I thank you guys and gals for checking it out, and hope you'll tell others about it!

Mike Solarte

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