Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Musings

The Carolina Panthers continue to be quiet, and now they will hit on the dusty (or snowy depending on where you are) trail to check out prospective draft picks prior to the April draft.

Other thoughts on this Snowmageddon Monday:
  • Memo to Fox TV--enough with the groundhog "Digger" during race coverage. If you are appealing to the 5-12 demographic, then cool. Last I checked, the race fan of today is in the 18-35 range. If I want cartoons, I will watch "Family Guy." Just give me the race.
  • Thinking college hoops, I like what Davidson has done, in spite of losing 3 straight home games. They saw life after Steph Curry, and perhaps it scared them into playing harder. I don't know. I expect the Wildcats to take care of business at the Southern Conference tournament this weekend, and earn their NCAA berth. After that, another exciting run in the big dance is possible, but other parts of the roster will need to contribute--it can't be all Curry. Good teams will keep a handle on him, and by that, I mean only let him score 20, and not 30.
  • In the Atlantic 10, the Charlotte 49ers are in a win-and-get-in situation on Tuesday night when they host Richmond. Win that one, earn a spot in the A-10 tourney (which not all conference teams make). Charlotte is a program that should not be in a situation like this, but they were smoked by injuries early in the season, plus the off-season departure of guard Mike Gerrity. Bobby Lutz has done a nice job with this team, as they have lost some tough games all season long. They could be a tough out in the A-10 tourney, should they get in. Still, they will have a hard time in that conference event.
  • OK, ACC time. NC State-needs loads of help. they play hard, but they just aren't up to snuff. Maybe a win in the ACC Tourney, but nothing more. Wake Forest-I like Dino Gaudio's team. So much so that I think they can find their way into the championship game. If the standings remain where they are tonight (Monday, March 2), Wake would get the 3 seed, and face the winner of Boston College-Virginia. Win that game, they would get either Duke/Maryland/NC State in the semi-finals. Win that one, and a likely showdown with UNC for all the marbles. I like Wake's chances (again, assuming things remain unchanged).
  • Keep an eye on the Charlotte Bobcats. They aren't in the playoff picture yet, but they aren't that far away. A March hot streak would get them in--they wouldn't be a serious threat to reach the NBA Finals, but they could make an interesting first round series, anyway.

More in the days to come. Who knows, maybe the Panthers will have something to say, but personally, I'm not holding my breath.

Mike Solarte

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