Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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If I used the scenario generator properly, the SNBBC will come down to 2 players. "cadenjosie" and "parisher" (again, if I did this properly), have the best shots at winning the challenge, and one needs UNC (cadenjosie), while the other needs the somewhat home team, Michigan State.

I admit, the scenario generator is a handy little tool, but it's before 9 a.m., and frankly, I don't function at 100% this early. Put it this way, the blog's spell-check feature gets a workout. regardless, we'll keep you posted as to who takes this thing down.

Spraying to all fields:
Tiger Woods win on Sunday was pretty impressive. Knee problems? All gone. He proved (as if he needed to), that the golf course is his world, and we're all just sorta watching him live in it. 5 down to start the final round? No problem. Tough deal for Sean O'Hair, but he's not the first guy to sleep ion a 3 round lead, with Tiger lurking, and watch it slip away. He won't be the last. How O'Hair learns from the experience will be key. He's a nice young man, and obviously talented.

Jimmie Johnson won at Martinsville Sunday, and the gripers are out there. "Why didn't he get flagged for ramming Denny Hamlin?" Stop it. Seriously. Neither driver was in the wrong. Hamlin had the lead, left a sliver of light for Johnson to go after, the 48 made the move, the 11 tried to close the door. Contact, 48 in the lead. That's just racing, people. Again, the double standard is funny to see. Fans want drivers to be like they used to be, "back in the day," when they would bang fenders, and trade paint, racing for the win. So when they actually DO that, some complain.

9 games left for the Charlotte Bobcats, 4 tough ones this week, beginning tonight at home with the LA Lakers. It will be Adam Morrison's first visit to TWC Arena as a visitor, having been dealt to the Lakers with Shannon Brown for Vladimir Radmanovic. Bobcats coach Larry Brown was rather open on Monday, saying that Morrison was unhappy in Charlotte, and Brown was glad he could facilitate a trade to give Morrison a fresh start.

I liked Morrison when he was here, but there was no question he had the radar ears. He could hear any comment made about him, even when he was on the floor. He was the 3rd pick in the draft a couple years ago, but never lived up to the demands in Charlotte (he did have flashes). Now, he's not seeing the floor much in LA, but he doesn't really need to. Hopefully, in time, his game will develop into what the Bobcats thought he could be. Too bad it didn't happen with the Cats, as he would have been fun to watch blossom.

More on the blog in the days ahead as we track the Final Four.

Mike Solarte

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