Sunday, March 15, 2009

Congrats to Duke

Duke claimed the ACC Tourney title with a 79-69 win over Florida State. Quick thoughts before Selection Sunday commences.

  • Duke, UNC, Wake, FSU are locked into the tourney, and I think Maryland, BC, and Clemson should get in as well. Will make for an interesting evaluation of the ACC in the field of 64.
  • UNC going out in the semi-finals is not as bad as people think. The Heels played without Ty Lawson, and his absence is huge. Rest, treatment and the crossing of fingers will be taking place in Chapel Hill as Carolina gets ready for the dance. Carolina can not win the NCAA Title without Lawson.
  • Swing and a miss on Wake Forest from my prediction standpoint. I knew Maryland was playing well, but wow, they had a nice tournament. Props to Gary Williams and his team. In my eyes, they have earned an at-large bid.
  • Don't think Davidson is going to catch the eyes of the selection committee, and that's too bad. Steph Curry belongs on the big stage, and maybe them missing out this year will spur him to come back for his senior season. I'm sure the Davidson faithful would love to see that.

On Monday, the women's field will be announced, and Charlotte will learn their destination. Congrats to Karen Aston and company for winning the A-10 title. What seed with they earn? Guessing a 5 at the high end. Guess it all depends on how much respect the selection committee gives the A-10 as a conference.

Charlotte Bobcats are on a 3 game bender, right on the heels of a 6 game winning streak. Wrong time to go south, but this week, the Cats face Toronto twice, and Sacramento, with two of those games at home. Anything less than 3-0 will be a disappointment, and could seriously cripple their playoff hopes. Losing to Minnesota on Saturday? Yikes. The guys have to turn that boat around in a hurry.

More on Monday!

Mike Solarte

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