Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCAA enough is enough!!!

What's the point of the Play-In game (excuse me the NCAA says it isn't a play-in because both teams are officially in the tournament.) B-S!!!!

Honestly, that's how I feel about it. Right now I'm watching Ohio Valley Conference tournament champion Morehead State take on Southwestern Athletic Conference tournament champion Alabama St.

For an opportunity to play(wait-for-it) overall #1 seed Louisville! Congrats champions hope you enjoy your tournament run. Smile for the sponsors on your way back home.

I mean really, the NCAA created a fictional game of smaller schools just to allow the opportunity for one more major conference school to get into the big dance.

I've got a suggestion, how about we let the major conference teams play the play-in game and then they face the lowest number one seed. That would spice things up. A LOT.

Imagine Maryland and Minnesota for a chance at UCONN?

But we'll never see it, will we. Instead get a glimpse at players from Morehead St. and Alabama St. for a fleeting a second. And the major conferences will have their extra team in the tournament.

I'm going to DVR One Shining Moment this year, they better put both teams in for more than a combined 2 seconds!!!!

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