Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Look! Another Monday blog!

For those that check out the blog, my deepest apologies. This is a crazy time of year, and finding a spare minute or two to knock out blog thoughts is tough to come by. I've found one right now, so here goes:
  • Full marks to the Charlotte Bobcats for making the playoffs for the first time, but alas, their run will come to an end in either game 4 or 5. Orlando (right now) is a hideous matchup for them, as the Magic are deadly from outside, and the Bobcats aren't hitting enough shots, due in large part because they are hoisting 3's, rather than attack the rim. I'm not gonna rail on the guys, they have had a memorable season. Just wish they could have pulled out game 3. We might have a series on our hands, but the 0-3 hole is a tough climb in any sport. It has been done in baseball and in hockey, but never in basketball. Things have to be radically different for it to happen in this series. While hopeful, I am also realistic. I wish them well.
  • Quail Hollow week is here, and the PGA Tour players are heading into Charlotte. A ginormous field ready to hit the classic layout at Quail Hollow. I love this time of the year, but loathe it in the same breath. As someone who played competitive golf for many years, it is quite hard for me to cover a golf tournament, when I would much rather be playing in it. So I guess I don't loathe the tournament. I loathe not playing in it. Yeah, that's it. Gonna be a great week of golf, and hopefully we get good news from the Weather on the One's team (read no rain during daylight hours). So far, so good.
  • Speaking of Quail Hollow, one of my favorite guys on tour is up to his charitable endeavors once again. Check out Stewart Cink's TweeOff by clicking the link. It's to benefit the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
  • Things are heating up in the Sprint Cup Series, and not just in terms of points, and standings. The Jeff Gordon-Jimmie Johnson scrap from Texas continued into Talladega. The Texas stuff I thought was simply two guys racing hard. Looked that way. At Talladega, Johnson (or perhaps his spotter) was squarely to blame. Would love to be a fly on the wall to hear how Mr. Hendrick deals with this one. Is another "cookie summit" in the works? Time till tell, but Richmond is up this Saturday night. Short track=short fuses.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Carolina Panthers drafted fairly well, and with a purpose. The players they chose appear to set them up for a radical change on the offensive side of the ball. Jimmy Clausen could be a long-term starter. Brandon LaFell could be the #2 receiver the Panthers have wanted Dwayne Jarrett to be. Bringing in Armanti Edwards from Appalachian State could help in the return game, as well as at the receiver post. Keep in mind, though, Carolina has 2 fairly significant running backs to carry a bulk of the workload. Don't look for Carolina to go "Air Coryell" in one season, but my guess is the passing game may be utilized more this coming season.

Things to keep an eye out for on Sports Night this week: We'll visit with Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer on Tuesday, plus the show hits the road Thursday thru Saturday night at Quail Hollow. We'll have baskets full of coverage from the golf course every day this week, leading up to the presentation of the blue blazer Sunday afternoon.

Finishing up some things here at the house, then out to the golf course. Hope to hit y'all again later this week, but I can't make any promises!

Mike Solarte


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Anonymous said...

I'm am not a sports fan at all but I think that the BOBCATS played a good season. I have lived here for abut 6 yrs now and this year is the first that the team has made it to the play offs.They played hard aganist the MAGIC so I say GOOD GAME BOBCATS!!!! GREAT JOB! see you next year. :) Their head coach should be saying the same thing. Mrs.Roachford