Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday notes

Forgive me in advance if this rambles, but I am trying to empty my brain before heading off to Quail Hollow for round 2.
  • As much as it pains me to say this, I think Larry Brown is leaving the Bobcats. Not because he doesn't want to stay with the Bobcats,. but because the chance to be home with his family is just too good to pass up. Mind you, this is a hunch. I have no confirmation of this, just stating my opinion (don't want to show up in a NY Times article next week as a source). My fear when he was hired was that he would get the team into the playoffs, and then bolt for a better gig. Larry Brown is 69 years old, and I take him at his word when he says he won't coach anywhere else. Last I checked, front office guys don't coach teams, and if that is what is being thrown at him from Philadelphia, I can't imagine him saying no. He misses his family during the season. I have never asked him about it, but if that were me, it would kill me. If Philly offers him a job, I think he'll go, and I wouldn't blame him. I don't want to see him go, though. He's good for the team, the franchise, and the city. It's nice to have choices, but I don't know if I would like being in his shoes on this one.
  • Quail Hollow Championship kicked off Thursday, Bo Van Pelt's 65 leading the way. 7 birdies, no bogeys. Solid. Tiger Woods opened with a +2 round of 74. Feel horrible for Parker McLachlin who had a tournament ending adventure at the 7th. He hit 4 tee shots off line (water and out of bounds), and came home with a "Roy McAvoy." A 12 on a par 5. I know his caddie, Don Donatello, and I feel for them both. McLachlin has won on Tour before, and Friday shows you just how fickle the game can be.
  • I know science has made advances, but they haven't come up with a safe way of cloning humans, therefore I will not be at Carolina Panthers mini-camp this weekend (due to golf coverage). Hate to miss it, with the arrival of all the new draft picks, and seeing what the Panthers have left on the roster after their March purge. If you have seen the movie "Major League," you may remember the scenes where they jump around from one group of Cleveland Indian fans to the next. Even the grounds crew gets involved. They all are wondering how good they will be with a roster full of names that nobody may recognize. It's not quite that way with the Panthers, but it is close. One staffer told me they see "a new face everyday." Head Coach John Fox is the consummate football man. He knows he's going into a season with some unproven weapons, and he'll do it in the final year of his contract, yet he won't lay blame if it goes badly. Panther fans are hoping it doesn't go that way in 2010.

Will blog again if I get a moment to breathe this weekend, otherwise, see you on Sports Night at 10!

Mike Solarte


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