Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duke Does It

If you needed any more reason to keep the NCAA Tournament at 65 teams (or 64 +1), this year's big dance was it. You had and unlikely National Championship game between the team many thought was the worst of the #1 seeds, and a #5 seed from the Horizon League. Throw in the large number of upsets to the "powers" of the college hoop season, and you have March Madness.

Congrats to Mike Krzyzewski and Duke on the title. I will not be in that long line of people trying to bash them, or take anything away from the task they completed. I find it funny that people are quick to hammer Duke for being "smug," after winning a title. Really? What makes them smug? Because they are a group of players that are talented, work hard, keep up their grades, and stay out trouble? If that is smug, I'll take that any day over being a fan of a team who expects to be in the Final Four every year. Getting to the Final Four is not a birthright. Duke never views it as such.

Plenty of hate floating around the internet about Duke on the day after. It's a shame people are so angry about a Duke title. Oh, and for the record, Duke is NOT my team. I don't have a rooting interest in college sports, because my school no longer has an athletics program. I just can't stand bitterness for a team of college kids. Be bitter when your professional team isn't getting it done. You have a vested interest in them if you buy tickets to see the games. Makes me wonder why this guy is grinding an axe.

Full marks to Butler, and Head Coach Brad Stevens for their run to the title game. That is a well-coached, hard-nosed, fun team to watch. They scrap, claw, and fight for every possession. I don't think there are enough good things to say about what they did, and how they did it.

Would be nice if folks thought the same about Blue Devils.

Mike Solarte

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