Friday, February 5, 2010

The Super Bowl and Daytona

Super Bowl 44 in Miami will be won by Indianapolis. The Colts should take the title but 6 points over New Orleans. Just a feeling, but this one should be a wild ballgame. Rains could be a factor, both of these offenses like to put points up, the defense will be put to a stern test. Could be a game with a total of 60-70 points. Will have to wait and see on that, but this will be a game that I will be glad to settle in and watch.

As for Daytona, I am fired up to see the NASCAR season get back underway. The off-season is far too short, but once they fire the cars up, I get amped. Watching Bud Shootout practice on Thursday was fairly interesting, just to see if the "relaxing of the rules" would actually occur. Of course, it was just practice, so it was unlikely to see anything transpire. We did see a couple of wrecks, though. Jamie McMurray go caught up in the mess made by Denny Hamlin and Mark Martin. One of those racing deals, no one really at fault, just a load of banged up sheet metal. Kurt Busch got tapped by Juan Pablo Montoya in the 2nd practice on Thursday. The blue deuce suffering right side damage as a result.

Carl Edwards drew the pole for the Shootout (there are no time trials for the event), so he's up front when they drop the rag on Saturday night. Before that, Danica Patrick makes her stock car debut in the ARCA race, and Daytona 500 pole qualifying will take place as well.

Racing. It's what's on tv on Saturday.

Charlotte Bobcats are back home after their 6 game road trip, and they face New Orleans on Saturday night. Hornets without Chris Paul, following knee surgery, but they should have Emeka Okafor in the lineup. Okafor missed the exhibition game between the two, but he will face his old team Saturday night. Should be neat to see that. Bobcats playing some good basketball, and are close to getting Tyson Chandler back into the lineup. Cats have played well in his absence, so here's hoping his return doesn't upset the balance, but enhances it.

Gonna run for now, have a great weekend!

Mike Solarte

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