Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints, winners of Super Bowl 44. Crazy game, and full marks to Sean Payton for the onsides kick to open the 2nd half. Gutsy call, and even if it had failed, he still would deserve credit for doing that. Turns out the Saints had the better night, and they turned in the games only big play, the interception return for a touchdown. Really, just one big play in the entire game. One mistake. That's how well both teams played, but the Saints were better. Again, congrats.


Danica-Mania will enjoy a 2nd week in Daytona--she will race the Nationwide Series event this Saturday, after her debut in the ARCA-ReMax series went so well. She finished 6th, after a slide through the grass saw her drop to the rear of the field. She learned plenty in that race, and she will learn even more this weekend. No fewer than 9 Sprint Cup regulars will be in that field. If she finishes top 15 in the Nationwide race, that will be something. Forget about what it would be if she wins it.

Overall, I was impressed by her run in the ARCA race. Now, mind you, these are not the best drivers out there. Still, they all had far more stock car experience than Patrick. She didn't appear to be intimidated. She seemed confused at times, a byproduct of her lack of knowledge of NASCAR or ARCA races, but in all, she showed she can simply drive. In the end, hype, commercials, marketing aside, being able to get it done its what matters most.


ACC Basketball quick hit: UNC is horribly young, Duke is decent, but not great (Beat BC by 3? Really?), NC State is still missing key elements, and Wake is about 2 horses short of a very good team. Hard to imagine the Heels being 2-6 at the mid-point of the conference season. Still, plenty of time left for them to turn it around, and it may take one of their leaders to call a players-only meeting. Close the door, say "this is where it ends," and get to business. Tired of hearing Roy Williams say how dumb he is, or how bad of a coach he is. Really, Roy. You have a couple of national championships, you have churned out great NBA players as well as fine citizens. A bad season doesn't make you stupid, we all know you don't mean it, but to hear you say it is aggravating. Your players are young, and they are getting thumped by the gauntlet known as the Atlantic Coast Conference. Some days you're the bug, and some day's your the windshield.


Pitchers and catchers report in 10 days. To commemorate this historic event, White Sox pitching coach Juan Nieves will be a guest on Sports Night on Monday night, so make sure you check it out!

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