Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-season Week 3

Things stacking up on the ole plate these days with the start of HS football and the like, but a quick look at the Panthers, before heading out to practice today (Wednesday).
  • It is getting close to panic time. Not there yet, but close. Injuries in this pre-season have hit at key spots in the defense. They still have to plug the gap in the defensive line, and so far, none of the guys in camp appear to be ready to grab it. Now LB Jon Beason is banged up with a knee injury, and S Charles Godfrey will miss time recovering from surgery on a broken hand.
  • Hated to see WR Jason Carter cut, but it was a necessity. Panthers signed S Kevin Kaesviharn after Godfrey's injury. Hoping Carter can catch on with another team. Good guy, fights hard, and does his best.
  • QB race behind Jake Delhomme still wide open. Matt Moore and josh McCown have looked good at times, and have struggled in others. Put either guy in with the first team, though, and I think all is fine. Two very capable guys back there.

Non-football related, Jim Courier says Pat Cash will be among the players at the upcoming Breezeplay Championships at the Palisades. Cash joins Courier, Pete Sampras and others in the field. Full field to be announced soon.

OK, off to practice to get updates on injuries. Hope to blog that later.

Mike Solarte

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