Friday, August 14, 2009

More on Vick plus Panthers

Details on Vick's contract being reported as 1 year deal for $1.6 million, with a team option for a $5M year 2. Incentives could add $3M more.

While those numbers will, no doubt, infuriate the anti-Vick side, this will make them smile.

None of the money is guaranteed.

The Eagles are taking that flyer on him, knowing if he contributes, they get a tremendous athlete at a low price, and it's also a lower price if they pick up year 2. They also aren't out anything if he gets hurt.

From my side of things, Philadelphia is an ideal landing spot for him, as that means the Panthers did not sign him. I got a chuckle out of some of the "Vick to Panthers" stories, and even read (and watched) one report say it was confirmed the Panthers were interested in Vick. MY thoughts are with my Philadelphia sports journalists. They just got a side helping of more work added to their plate.

Panthers nuggets on this Friday:

  • Steve Smith was back on the field in pads this morning. He did all of the work leading up to the team drills. Smith was held out of those workouts, likely as a precaution. Again, Panther Nation exhales. I still don't expect Smith on the field for the first 2 pre-season games, but perhaps the 3rd, and some light work in the 4th, barring any further injuries.
  • Jonathan Stewart did not participate in the morning practice, his 3rd straight day watching. Starting to wonder how serious that achilles injury is. Sure, it's just week 2 of camp, and the team has 4 weeks of pre-season. This thing kept him out of summer school workouts, too. Caution, caution, caution.

Things to watch on Monday night when the Panthers face the NY Giants in their pre-season opener.

  • The play at the defensive tackle spot. Maake Kemoeatu's injury means the Panthers have work to do to fill that void. I would not be surprised if Damione Lewis sees limited, and I mean LIMITED work against the Giants, just to try and keep him healthy.
  • Wide receivers. the top 3 spots (in all likelihood) are set. Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammad, and Dwayne Jarrett. Who the number 4-5 receivers are is still up in the air. Ryne Robinson, Jason Carter, Kenny Moore, Larry Beavers, Marcus Monk and others are trying to make an impression. They need to, for either a receiver spot, or simply a special teams spot. Robinson and Carter are coming off injuries from a year ago, and Moore is a Charlotte native (Butler High School, and Wake Forest Univ.), and would love nothing more than a jersey wit4h his hometown team. The battle continues.
  • Running backs. DeAngelo Williams and Stewart are 1A and 1B (you pick which is which), but Mike Goodson has had a big camp to date. He's shown speed and he's also impressed in the return game on special teams. Williams and Stewart should be guarded closely in the pre-season, so they are ready for the real action. Gotta have some spare RB's on the roster, so who is it gonna be?

Gonna skate for the weekend, but if something crosses my mind, I'll be sure to share. Have a great one!

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