Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can we please, PLEASE stop the madness?

It's maddening. It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out, if your a Panthers' fan, or cover the team on a regular basis.

Michael Vick is going to be a Carolina Panther, if you ask the right member of the media.

Guys, it's not happening. Really.

I'll be stunned if that day comes to pass.

Let me remind everyone that I am all for Vick getting a second chance in the NFL, if a team is willing to take on the responsibilities of handling the nearly-guaranteed fallout from a certain element of the fan base. I just don't believe the Panthers are the organization to take that step.

Yet, that's not stopping folks like ESPN's Michael Smith from standing in front of a camera and explaining why Vick is the perfect match for the Panthers. Smith's reasons: The Panthers aging QB (Jake Delhomme), Head Coach John Fox's tenure, and the team's familiarity with him, having seen him avoid tackles and dance down the field.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen says, via Twitter, "On Panthers, Vick had great games v. them; Fox liked Pat White coming out but he went to Miami. Bible Belt = Forgiveness & redemption." Seriously? You're attributing the bible belt as the reason he'll be a Panther? Mortensen later replied to my question, basically asking if he was serious, by tweeting, "I have talked about why Panthers made sense not that they are the team."

Let me offer you counter arguments to Vick being a Panther.

Rae Carruth. Talented wide receiver, but ran afoul of the law when he was convicted of having someone shoot his then pregnant girlfriend. She was killed, the baby lived.

Todd Sauerbrun. Former Panther punter that, once he started committed driving infractions (along with alleged steroid use), found his way out of favor with the folks upstairs, even though he was still more than capable of booming kicks. His constant griping about making weight didn't help things, either.

Jarrod Cooper. See Sauerbrun with the whole driving and alleged steroid issues. He never griped about weight, though.

Bottom line, the Panthers are far less likely to take a flyer on a guy with a questionable history or baggage.

You keep reading the Panthers are a "class organization."

Now you know why.

Mike Solarte


Anonymous said...

Every one has a right to his or her own opinion, but Vick can take the Panthers to the super bowl. I like Jake, but he doesn't have the heart and will to take to the team to and win a super bowl.Period. Eveyone deserves a second chance.I beleive he has learned his lesson and will come in win and keep his mouth shut. I'm sure by now he knows there are no friends in this game. just a check.

Mike Solarte said...

At last,a coherent reply from a reader!!

Seriously, I am all for Vick getting a 2nd chance, but to fit him in would require more than a makeover of the offense. It would be a facelift.

Vick will sign somewhere, I just don't think it will be here.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

If the Panthers sign Vick i will never go to another game and i will toss all of my Panther jerseys in the trash. I would think they should look at the PR problems the NBA had in the past, or the reason why guys like Pete Rose should not be in the baseball hall of fame. although physically talented....huge weakness in character. these are not the kind of guys you want your kids to grow up to be like.