Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Off the top, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed a terrific holiday.

Had some things to get off my chest as the week nears an end. Here goes.

-Can we PLEASE STOP any and all singers of the national anthem that decide to use their performance as an audition for a record company? The song was not intended to be sung with creative license. It's the song of the country. Sing it as it was written. If you want a record deal, give Simon from American Idol a call. I hear he's always looking for talent.

-While we are at it, any chance we can get the studio guys back on tv during the holiday broadcasts at halftime? I'm a football fan, I want football. Highlights, analysis, previews, whatever. Give me the game. I mean, really, NOTHING says NFL football quite like the Jonas Brothers. Maybe it's just me, but those 3 kids looked awfully nervous being so close to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The halftime performance in the early game was bad enough for me not to even remember who it was. C'mon networks--give me football. If we want music videos, we can switch to MTV or something.

-The early game was atrocious. The Detroit Lions stink on ice. How they are put together is anybody's guess (and it really is, since the master chef, Matt Millen, was fired earlier this season). There may be 4 actual football players on that roster. That's a shame, too, because a good Detroit team is good for the NFL. They may be able to turn things around, but how quickly? It's a mystery much like, who will succeed Charlie Weis at Notre Dame if/when they fire him? I got nothing there.

-The NFL having 3 games on Thanksgiving is all well and good, but putting one of them on a network that, what, 10 homes and a few dozen sports bars can see is beyond stupid. The late game between Philadelphia and Arizona could actually be the best game played Thursday, and most of the football watching population will miss it. (EDIT AT 11PM--Upon further review, maybe it was better most of the world missed it).

-As for the Carolina Panthers, I am hoping they get out of the gate quickly on Sunday in Green Bay. A fast start, fast finish will add up to a win. Green Bay is banged up. SERIOUSLY banged up. 5 players are either out, or did not practice on Wednesday. 10 or so others were limited on Wednesday. Carolina, on the other hand, is remarkably healthy with only Adam Seward missing the Wednesday practice. I haven't made a prediction on this blog in a while, but I'm throwing one out there now. Panthers take Green Bay down 31-10. A big day for the Panther rushing attack, the defense gets after Aaron Rodgers, bottles up Ryan Grant, and Carolina improves to 9-3.

I'll be heading up to Green Bay this weekend, and will have reports for you on Sports Night, so make sure you check out the show!

Mike Solarte

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