Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello, from the Frozen...

STOP! I won't say it!

Besides, it's not really frozen up here. Kinda balmy (for late November anyway).

Quick hit from the hotel:

Have a story running from Green Bay this evening, which (due to NFL rules) we can not place on , so check it out on Sports Night at 10. It will also run in the overnight hours, but I won't give anything away. Check it out. Cool stuff.

Panthers do not stay in Green Bay when they arrive here (which they got in around 6pm local time). They stay in another town altogether (which I won't disclose for the Packer fans who wish to prank call the hotel). Smart idea to keep the team focused on the job ahead.

I like Carolina's chances Sunday, as long as they can grind the Packers up on the ground. Green Bay has a tough time stopping the run, and the Panthers have moved the ball on the ground fairly well in the past few weeks. In all honesty, this is a game that could resemble the Detroit game--lots of rush attempts and maybe 20 Jake Delhomme passes. Carolina doesn't want to test the Packer corners (Al Harris and Charles Woodson), as they are among the best in the game. Prediction: Carolina 24 Green Bay 17.

Also, nice work by the Panthers to lock up Chris Gamble to the 6 year deal on Friday. Thing is, now they have to find ways to keep Julius Peppers and Jordan Gross (if they want to go that route). Peppers is having a nice year with 9 sacks, and loads of pressure, but he has vanished at times. Still, it's far better than all of 2007 for him. Some tough decisions lie ahead for Marty Hurney and company.

OK--that's it for now. Look for me on the sidelines on Sunday. I'll be the guy in the black NFL Media vest (lol).

Mike Solarte

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