Sunday, November 23, 2008

How about those Red & White boys!!!

Before I begin this post in the spirit of full disclosure I have to admit that YES I am a graduate of North Carolina State University. However, where I received my degree has never affected my reporting.

Legal stuff out of the way, HOW ABOUT THOSE RED & WHITE BOYS?
For the last three weeks I’ve followed the Pack and every week their offense continues to amaze me. The ability of Russell Wilson to move the ball effectively and efficiently and the maturation of the offensive line are just incredible.

Yes Saturday’s 41-10 win at UNC came largely by way of UNC’s 6 turnovers.
But the Pack only scored 17 points off of three of the turnovers. Take away those and you still have a 24-10 N.C. State win.

Back to Russell Wilson! It has honestly been a pleasure covering this kid’s growth. In the third quarter of Saturday’s win the redshirt freshmen made a play that just left the members of the media on the field in awe!

With less than six minutes to play, third down Wilson rolls out right chased by UNC linemen. The guy makes eye contact with Taylor Gentry, with pressure coming down on him, Wilson settles in and makes a perfect pass to Gentry who curls off his route to create space from UNC’s defensive back: Result N.C. State first down. And three plays later it’s Andre Brown on two-yard touchdown run.

The know how of a redshirt freshmen to be comfortable and make that play—just plain incredible.

Saturday’s win will go a long way for the N.C. State faithful and their ability to harass co-workers across the Old North State. But more than bragging rights I think the Wolfpack Nation can be proud of the young talent amassed in Raleigh and the confidence the players have in Tom O’Brien and each other.


(p.s I’m sure all of my Carolina friends will text me with evil messages telling me to wait till basketball season. But that’s in January and as of November 22nd it’s 41-10 Wolfpack)

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Keith said...

NC State did not score but 3 pts off 3 1st half turnovers. Bottom line is UNC got beatdown...the best team won, the best coach won 7 basically the better men won. Five Hundred yds of offense and a defense that is physical "Thats what we do" We beat up teams that play cupcake schedules.

They will beat UNC THE NEXT 3 YEARS because Russell Wilson "thats what he does" beatdown UNC BASEBALL & FOOTBALL teams on a regular basis.

T.O.B is Butch Davis Daddy