Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Saga has ended...for now.

Somewhere, there are angels blaring trumpets over the football heavens, as the Brett Favre story has taken its newest direction, with Favre being dealt to the New York Jets. While this direction soothes the throbbing portions of my brain, it also tells me that another part of this story is just beginning.

It's the part where the great QB from small town Green Bay plays for the 2nd favorite team in Gotham, with all of the New York media watching, and subsequently waiting for the Great Brett to fail.

I have said it before, I am not a Favre-hater. I hate the story, and all the yo-yo "he said, he said" garbage we have seen since April--yes, it has lasted this long. Favre got his wish, to play football, but he didn't get what he wanted, and that seems to be to play within the NFC North (in Chicago or Minnesota). The Packers are getting a conditional draft pick, which could be as high as a number 1 pick, provided the Jets win the Super Bowl, according to ESPN.

Excuse me while I laugh hysterically.

OK, thanks. I'm done.

The Jets aren't winning the title, but they will be a team to deal with, more so now than they were just 24 hours ago. Favre is an upgrade over Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens, but he is not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Favre will come in to learn a new system, new terminology, new personnel, a new coach, a new city, new playbook, new everything.

The odds are long against Favre to succeed, but this is what he wanted--he wanted to play football. He got his wish. Now it's on him to make it work.

**The Panthers have just one practice on Thursday, and then will have one workout on Friday, at 10:45 in Spartanburg, before they face the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night. We'll take a look at the Panthers gearing up for Saturday, plus have some thoughts from the players on Sports Night at 10.

**Speaking of the Panthers, had the chance to chat with my pal Darin Gantt from the Rock Hill Herald during Wednesday's practice. He and I seem to agree a bit on the 53 man roster the Panthers will take with them into the season opener in San Diego. Of course, it all depends on injury and the like over the next 4 weeks, but barring the season-ending type, here's what I have in mind for the Panthers 53 man roster:

QB-Delhomme, Moore, Basanez (3)
RB-D. Williams, Stewart, Goings, Hoover (1 more here-could be Birmingham or Toefield) (5)
WR-Smith, Muhammad, Hackett, Jarrett, Carter (5)
TE-King, Rosario (2)
OL-Gross, Vincent, Kalil, Wharton, Otah, Omiyale, Fonoti, Hangartner, Bridges, and 1 or 2 more--between Milford Brown, Charles Spencer, Evan Mathis and Mackenzie Bernadeau. (10 for now) --EDIT THE PANTHERS CUT SPENCER ON THURSDAY, WITH HEAD COACH FOX CALLING IT A "CONDITIONING ISSUE", AND NOT RELATED TO HIS KNEE.

DL-Peppers, Lewis, Kemoeatu, Brayton, Johnson, McClover, Gibson, Walker, Scott (Scott's knee could be a concern come cut-down. (9)
LB-Beason, Johnson, Davis, Diggs, Seward, Connor and 1 other (between Anderson, Curry and Shaw) (7)
DB-Lucas, Gamble, Marshall, Harris, Colclough, Wesley, Godfrey, Teal, Holt (although Salley, Wilson, and DeLoatch could have something to say in all that). (9)


Add all that up, and you have the best 55 players in camp (in my humble opinion). That means, the coaching staff has to cut 2 of these guys to get to the max roster of 53.

By no means do I think I am correct, I am simply forecasting what the roster will look like on opening day in San Diego. The coaches have the tougher job of making the roster for real.

Mike Solarte

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