Saturday, August 30, 2008

Panther Cuts are in.

Some shockers, some not so much. Here they are:
QB Brett Basanez
RB LaBrandon Toefield
RB DeCori Birmingham
FB Troy Fleming
WR Chris Hannon
WR William Buchanon
WR Travis Taylor
WR Samie Parker
TE Chad Upshaw
T Rueben Riley
G Evan Mathis
G Toniu Fonoti
G Milford Brown
T Geoff Schwartz

DE Stanley McClover
DT Nick Hayden
DT Stephen Williams
LB Tim Shaw
CB Ricardo Colclough
S Terrence Holt
S Joe Fields
CB Darren Toney

No surprise Colclough was cut, due to his earlier in the day arrest, but I was surprised that Terrence Holt was shipped out.

These were the guys I thought would be gone (from earlier in the week):
1-16-William Buchanon
2-19-Travis Taylor
3-26-Decori Birmingham
4-29-Quinton Teal
5-32 Troy Fleming
6-33-Labrandon Toefield
7-36-Darren Toney
8-38-Joe Fields
9-46-Shawn Smith
10-50-James Anderson
11-55-Donte Curry
12-62-Pat Ross
13-65-Mackenzy Bernadeau
14-66-Hilee Taylor
15-71-Evan Mathis
16-72-Reuben Riley
17-74-Geoff Schwartz
18-77-Toniu Fonoti
19-81-Dominique Thompson
20-85-Chad Upshaw
21-98-Stephen Williams

Turns out I removed 8 guys that made it, and kept 8 that were cut. I had Basanez and Colclough making it, but had cut Curry, Ross, Anderson, Teal, Smith, Hilee Taylor, Bernadeau and Thompson. Overall, I like the make-up of the roster, but realize the WR corps is thin for the first 2 weeks The team will take Muhsin Muhammad,. Dwayne Jarrett, D.J. Hackett and Dominique Thompson into weeks 1 & 2 while waiting for Steve Smith and Ryne Robinson to return.

More on the Panthers next week, as the regular season grind gets underway.

Mike Solarte


mike said...

Does anyone read these blogs except cops in Denver that are bored at 4 A.M.?

Anonymous said...

We read....bring on football!