Thursday, August 14, 2008

Panthers-Eagles Game Blog

6:50-Hey gang. Mikey here. Feel free to drop in a comment on the game, or a question via the e-mail during the game between the Panthers and Eagles. I am in Charlotte, so I'll be watching the game on the tube with the rest of ya. You can e-mail me directly at I'll drop in thoughts during the game up until about 9:45, then I have to get on the desk for Sports Night. I'll be back after Sports Night for some final thoughts.

8:08 - Not a great opening drive. Didn't like the backside pursuit on the first down play. Williams needs to bounce that harder and get to the hole. Here comes the D.

8:15 - Would like to see Carolina get some pressure on McNabb. Bad sign for Eagles as Reggie Brown is going off hurt. Coverage too soft on 3rd down for the 2nd conversion this drive. Ugh.

8:19 - Panthers get a break on the illegal block call. Nicely set up screen by Philly there.

8:26 - Clunker drive there. likethe quick hit to King on 3rd down to give Baker some room, but so far, not so good on either side. Eagle offense carrying the play.

8:21 - Nice work by Panthers to keep Philly off the board, but they aren't getting any sufficient pressure on McNabb (at least not that series). Offense needs to put together one of those 10-12 play drives, and it starts on the ground. maybe we'll see some Jonathan Stewart (he reportedly warmed up pre-game, but I haven't seen him yet--and could have missed him in while tending to other duties).

8:31 - Lightning moving in...a weather delay in football. Back when they get going again, although the bolts are rather impressive. Wonder if Jeff Crum is watching in the weather office?

8:42 - If you are watching the game, then you just heard the delay will last at least 45 more minutes. That puts us around 9:30 for a restart. I'll hang out until 9:45, before heading to the set for the show.

9:09 - Quick. Someone tell a joke.

9:24 - No jokes, but thanks for the comment!!!! Spread the word about the blog to your friends!

9:26 - Sounds like Jake will be back in the game in spite of the conditions. Time will tell. Getcha popcorn ready!

9:31 - For my money, this game is worthless, considering the Panthers missing so many starters, the rain delay, etc. Just hope no one gets hurt. The pass coverage is going to be very soft because of the sloppy field. True it's sloppy for both teams, but hard to evaluate anything. Just get through it, and move on to the Redskins in a couple Saturdays.

9:35 - Way too soft in coverage. Coaches and players will have to adjust to conditions in the regular season. This is not a good sign tonight....but wait! Richard Marshal!!!! WOW! TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS! What a play!

9:37 - Marshall making the great read, scooting into the backfield...had the Eagles kicked it, it may have been blocked. One great play erased some issues on the Panther secondary. Again, it's wet, so you hope there isn't any lingering problems for the defense going into next week.

9:39 - Welcome to the pre-season, Mr. Beason. Nice penetration there. End 1st quarter. Offense gets a C grade for that quarter, defense gets a C, but give special teams an A-. Getting close to show time. Will resume blog after Sports Night! Thanks for hanging out here.

9:45 - Before I go, time of possession big in Philly's favor. Bad night for the offense, so far.

10:52 - Back in the saddle for abit. Nice to see Dante Wesley with the pick, and yes, DeAngelo Williams is all business. Can take more from their second quarter than the first--the first was ugly.

Jake - 9 of 14, 54 yds, 1 INT
DeAngelo - 8 carries, 32 yards. Temper that with 23 yards on one carry. Sluggish night there.

McNabb11 of 24, 98 yds. Biggest part of that--no points.

10:58 - In case you missed it, Michael Phelps got his 6th gold tonight, with another world record. Wow. Think he can play defensive tackle? Panther pass rush is looking ugly (and that's bad).

11:02 - Jerome McDougle with the 2nd teamers? Wow. he almost decapitated Moore on that sack. Jonathan Stewart sturggling tonight. His first game action since November. He needs some Rust-Eze (you parents should get that reference).

11:04 - By the way, the blue jerseys are my favorite of the 3 the Panthers wear. I just like the color (that is the hint for my wife to get me one for Christmas). Gonna go cut tape from the first half. Be back shortly.

11:47 - A little later than I wanted, but there was more housekeeping to do. Don't like Lebrandon Toefield putting the ball on the turf, especially with the Panthers holding a 6 point lead. Guys that have been around the block (like Toefield) should know better. Yes, it's wet. He's played in the rain before, I'm sure.

11:50 - Panther defensive reserves need to step up and preserve the 3 point lead. Sounds to me like Aikman and Buck want to get out of the booth and grab a cheesesteak. They might get their wish soon, if the defense plays soft like they did on first down. Ugh.

11:53 - So much for the Panther defense preserving this one for Carolina. Is it just me, or did the guys on the field just seem to give up on that play? Mercy. 17-13, and now Matt Moore has to try and lead a TD drive. And we stayed up late for this. LOL.

11:55 - The Panthers need to win this, or lose this quickly. I have an update to run at 12:25 a.m.

11:56 - Anybody else start yawning when that fan at the game was yawning going to commercial? I did.

12:02 - Nice work by Birmingham, but Aikman is right--get outta bounds. Moore looks good under pressure, nice poise.

12:03 - Ballgame. Bad break for Moore. Should have thrown that into the stands, but he's trying to make a play there. Understandable, and this is where to make the mistakes. in teh games that mean nothing.

12:30 - Put the update to bed, and now it's my turn (once I leave the office that is). disappointing way to end the game, and if I were a player on the bubble of making the roster, I would be concerned, espeecially if I were on the defensive side of the ball. They squandered a 13 point lead, and gave up 24 points in the 4th quarter. Sure the game means nothing in the big picture, but it means everything for guys trying to catch on with the club.

In any event, I'll look for Coach Fox's postgame comments and check back in sometime on Friday.

Thanks for the company last night and this morning!

Mike Solarte


Anonymous said...

Philly Sucks

I love the blog

Go Panthers!

Mikey C said...

Blah, so far so bad. Offense looks like last season so far. Where's the pressure D? It was encouraging to see Jake take a hit early and get back on it.

Anonymous said...

You can't fake out Richard Marshall! Ain't Nobody Can Fake Out Richard Marshall!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess if you're searching for something to take from this game, maybe it's good practice for when we actually have to play a game that matters in the rain. We've got about 12 games at open-air stadiums this year, so I say let it rain down on us.

Anonymous said...

So, apparentlly since he's DMac he's allowed to throw the ball 30 yards past the line of scrimmage!! Nice job by #96 holding up and not drilling the QB

Anonymous said...

Hate to break up the game chat, but I love the Warren Sapp fantasy football commercials. Got any fantasy tips Mike?

Mike Solarte said...

I'll take all the fantasy help I can get--my dradft is Aug. 27!

Anonymous said...

No fake punt? Oh come on, they'd never be expecting the fake TWO times in a row

Anonymous said...

I've got a fantasy tip for ya. DEANGELO FREAKIN WILLIAMS BABY! When you gonna interview him agian.

Anonymous said...

Is that not a penalty for leading with his helmet! Football is football but headhunting is for chumps

Mike P said...

Ricardo Colclough already has a Super Bowl ring with Pittsburgh. Apparentlly he's not worried about doing silly things like returning interceptions for touchdowns.

Mike Solarte said...


Anonymous said...

It takes a real man to stick around for this entire game. On a different note, I think I rather see Brett Favre in the booth than Michael Strahan.

Mike Solarte said...

Brett Favre still wants to play...even though he's taken it easy the past 2 days, due to arm fatigue.

Anonymous said...

AHHH! Matt was looking pretty good. That sucks