Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow! What a Wimbledon

Incredible, that’s how I describe what I witnessed Sunday afternoon from the All England Club in London. For over four hours Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer provided arguably the best tennis match of all time.

With the excitement of each serve and the anxiety of each volley, I shut off the world around me: cell phone-unanswered, e-mails-unchecked, food-who needs it.

Who wants to be the guy who missed this match?

Now, I’m by no means a tennis expert, I am not even a good player. But for those few hours Sunday I knew I was watching history. Through rain-delays and a two set deficient Federer stormed back. Through break points and possible breaking-points Nadal persevered.

And in the end Nadal finally got to bite from the golden cup.
Is it an end to an era? No!

Yes, Nadal finally beat Federer on grass but are we really shocked? He has been working toward this moment since last year’s loss. Federer is still the number one player in the world with one more Grand Slam to play in Flushing, Queens. And for the record, R-Fed has won the past four U.S Open tournaments.

One thing is certain though, to all of us who watched Sunday we know we were all witnesses’ (yes I stole that from Nike’s Lebron campaign) to something INCREDIBLE!

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Anonymous said...

Tennis could very easily be the most boring of all sports (if we’re saying this is a sport and not competition) but I enjoyed the little bit of the match that I watched. Once I caught wind of what was going on I flipped over to watch the final 30 minutes or so and really enjoyed it. That being said, it’s going to take many more special occasions like what happened Sunday to make tennis worth caring about.