Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make it stop!!!! Please!!!

It's the middle of the week, and it's about the time I start getting itchy for the weekend, which in turn means, I'm getting the "short fuse" for things that bother me.

Exhibit A. Brett Favre.

Brett, you signed your reinstatement letter, the Commish will likely allow you to return, so go, play football, and enjoy yourself. I don't care if you play for the Green Bay Packers or the Hamilton Rough Riders of the CFL, just go play, and go away.

The whole saga has been an embarrassment for the NFL. Favre is arguably one of the biggest names (and obviously players), the game has ever seen. His yo-yo approach with the Packers over the past few years has been irritating (putting it mildly), and then, after he retires, he thinks about it, and decides he wants to return.

Fine. Come out and say it, then. Don't have the story leak out, be the guy to call a press conference and say, "I want to play for Green Bay again, if they will have me." Just like yesterday's post--straight talk earns points.

The Packers don't want him, but they don't want anyone in their division to have him either, and the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions all could use a decent QB. The Packers want it both ways, and of course, they can't have it both ways. Green Bay would do well to trade Favre out of the conference, but who is to say that another team, say the Patriots (for this discussion only--they don't need Favre) make the swap with Green Bay. Say Favre to the Pats for a 2nd round and 4th round pick. What is to stop the Patriots from then offering Favre to Minnesota, Chicago or Detroit for a 1st round pick? Granted, I don't know ALL of the NFL trade rules and regulations, but it seems to me the Pats (or any other team for that matter) could do this deal, and be alright when the dust settles.

In any event, just make the Brett Favre situation stop. I liked him so much more when he was Brett Favre, the actor in "Something About Mary."

Michelle Wie. It's been a while since her nails dragged down my blackboard, but the screeching sound is back.

Stop playing on the PGA Tour. Please. You aren't making cuts, you are taking a spot away from another pro that is trying to make a check (some guys don't have endorsement contracts like you do), and you are skipping a major on the LPGA schedule. Yes, I know she is playing on a sponsor's exemption. Translation: Wie is a sideshow, and organizers hope she will attract people to watch her play. Ticket buying people, that is.

Last I looked, Michelle Wie hasn't won anything on the LPGA tour, although she has come close, with some 2nd place finishes a few years ago. Why is she bothering to try and compete against PGA Tour players when she hasn't bested a field on her own tour (of which she is not a full card carrying member anyway)? I don't get it. It's not a high profile thing to be a part of a PGA Tour event as a female, and get dusted by the guys. It doesn't enhance the legacy that is Michelle Wie, amateur golfer ate Stanford. It enhances the image of Michelle Wie, great player getting horrid advice by the people closest to her.

Before you click the comment box, and start proclaiming me a Wie-hater, or a chauvinist pig, let me point out that Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and Helen Alfredsson, all accomplished players on the LPGA Tour are saying EXACTLY the same thing. When Sorenstam played on the PGA Tour (at Colonial I think), she had already won a basketful of LPGA major titles, and regular events. She was the world's top ranked female golfer. She EARNED the right to take her shots against the guys. She had proven herself, and I for one liked watching her take her shots. Wie hasn't earned anything yet, except making the cut against the men in Asia. Once.

I am all about the good story, and people chasing their dreams. Michelle Wie's dreams should lie on the LPGA Tour. Not because she is a female, but because her talents don't translate to playing against the men on the PGA Tour. This is her 8th attempt against the men. Almost as many absences as Ferris Bueller had, before he changed them.

Make it stop. Please. Next thing you know, Chicago Cubs fans will blame losing out on a World Series title on a fan reaching for a foul ball, or some billy goat curse.

Wait a minute....

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hasbeen99 said...

Couldn't agree more, Mike. I'm so sick of the Favre talk I can't even listen to sports radio anymore.