Saturday, July 12, 2008

Final thoughts before the weekend

* Brett Favre continues to hold Green Bay hostage. He wants to come back, and has now asked for his unconditional release. Green Bay is in such bad spot. If they let him go, he can sign with anyone. Like Minnesota or Chicago for instance. Both teams in the Packers division, and Favre would see his old franchise twice a year. If they keep him, they shred Aaron Rogers confidence. The Packers claim they will do what is in the best interest of the team. Ok, take him back, and make him the back-up.

Yeah, like that would happen. Ugh. Stay tuned as more episodes of "As the Brett Turns" will be coming in the weeks ahead.

* Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race in Chicago Friday night. That's 5 wins on the junior circuit. He has 5 win on the Cup side too. One word--Dominance. Where was all this ability when he was at Hendrick?

* Failed to mention this on Thursday, but Paula Creamer fired a 60 in the opening round of the Jamie Farr Classic. Why isn't anyone screaming "performance enhancers?" Oh, that's right. She's young and doesn't need them. How about, she's that good. She backed up the 60 with a 65 on Friday, for a nice and tidy 125 2-day total. Hope she smokes the LPGA scoring record this weekend.

* Panthers should have 3 of their 9 draft picks under contract by Monday, and perhaps more. I am hopeful that GM Marty Hurney can get both Jonathan Stewart and Jeff Otah signed before the start of camp on July 25th. Those 2 will be key cogs in the Panther offense in 2008, and they need all the time on the field, in practice, film study, and meetings they can get. Stewart has yet to run a play in practice with the Panthers--he missed the post-draft mini-camp with his foot in a boot after surgery, and was ineligible to take part in the Off-season Training Activities (OTA's or "Summer School") program, because Oregon is on a quarter system (an NFL rule to keep kids in school to finish before they head to the pros I suppose). Those negotiations need to be painless, and fruitful.

Once camp opens, we'll get a better sense of how Stewart will be utilized, and how Otah fits into the O-line (likely at a starting tackle spot). I know it's 2 weeks away, but I am geeked about football coming back.

* Wanna have some fun? Put yourself to the test by clicking this link:

I hate timed tests (they get me wound up), and finished with a paltry 62 (take the test to know what I mean). I completely spaced on the Big East. Good luck!

I will relinquish the blogging duties to my colleagues while I take some much needed time off. Re-charging the batteries before camp is necessary, and I look forward to chatting with you all again soon.

As of this writing, 13 days until training camp begins!

Mike Solarte

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