Thursday, July 8, 2010

OK, enough already.

Thankfully, by the time you read this, the NBA Free Agency Visit-Palooza will be over, and teams can actually start signing these guys to their multi-million dollar contracts.

Lost in the shuffle of LeBron James made-for-LBJ special on ESPN on Thursday night, was this wonderful nugget. Kevin Durant is staying with Oklahoma City for another 5 years. No pomp and circumstance. No fanfare. Just do the deal. Good for him.

Then you have the Miami Heat saying formally, they will pursue player contracts with Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh once the moratorium period ends. This after Bosh visited every team that had interest and cap room to sign him. Wade had the option to look around, did so, and since Bosh is coming to South Beach, he figures he'll stay awhile longer. Good for them.

I don't begrudge athletes looking around, and seeing what the market will pay. It's their right. They earned it. Go ahead, look around. See what city best fits you.

When it comes to LBJ, though, I gotta insist it ends.

He's bargained with ESPN to hold a 1 hour special on HIS decision. A modern day "Brewster's Millions?" Really?

OK, there is a positive to this. LBJ says that commercial revenues will be donated to charity. Nice.

There is still the fact this this ONE GUY, with ZERO NBA Championships, is insisting the ENTIRE SPORTING WORLD drop what they are doing, and LOOK AT ME!!!!!

That's too much. Way over the top. One player is NOT bigger than the game.

I had the honor of speaking with Michael Jordan on Wednesday, as he was taking part in a golf tournament benefiting Achievements Unlimited, a brain-child of Bobcats President Fred Whitfield. I told MJ that the Twitterverse was invoking his name, recalling how he told the NBA he was returning to the court.

He did it via fax. Two words. "I'm back."

MJ simply smiled, and said, "what else was I supposed to do?" When I told him the twitter folks were wishing today's players could be more like him, he smiled again.

Where will LBJ end up? Depends on who you ask. Some say New York, others say Miami, others insist he's going back to Cleveland. One thing is certain, though. The pressure factor on him has been amplified. Where ever he goes, a championship is a must in year 1. Cleveland, NY, Miami, Bora Bora. Where ever he goes, that team had better be in contention.

If they aren't, I doubt we'll see "Brewster's Millions 2, The Apology."

Mike Solarte

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