Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bobcats Deal Chandler, Ajinca to Mavs

The Charlotte Bobcats finally pulled of a trade on Tuesday, but it involved Dallas, and not Toronto.

I would have been a fan of the talked about Raptors deal. The Bobcats were believed to be getting PG Jose Calderon and F Reggie Evans in exchange for C Tyson Chandler and F Boris Diaw. Nothing against Chandler and Diaw, but it was partially about money, and mostly about addressing a hole at point guard. Calderon is a guy that would fit nicely, given his ability to not give the ball away. That deal blew up overnight, so the Bobcats went elsewhere.

The deal they made sends Chandler and C Alexis Ajinca to the Mavericks for C Eric Dampier, F Eduardo Najera, and G Matt Carroll. I like Carroll a bunch, Najera has ability, but Dampier has something that makes the Bobcats smile--a non-guaranteed contract. Will any of these 3 be on the roster to start the season? Good question. Najera maybe, Carroll possibly. Dampier? Doubtful. The Bobcats aren't done dealing, and any of these three could land elsewhere before it's all said and done.

I like this trade because it gives Charlotte some flexibility now. and to me, there's no question the dealing is far from over.

We'll be watching.

Mike Solarte

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