Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vick Interest in Carolina Much Ado About Nothing

I'll admit I got irritated with the way some media outlets were trumpeting Michael Vick's interest in becoming a Carolina Panther. They way they teased it, the poll questions, etc. Let's look at the facts. OK, so Vick said ideally he'd like to play for Carolina during a radio interview in Atlanta. That's all well and good except that last I checked, Vick was still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles until they decline to pick-up his contract option. So until then, Vick's desires are moot at this point. Second, the Panthers had every opportunity to sign Vick last offseason and didn't, so why would the Carolina brass have a change of heart now? Third, while the front office might look at adding some competition at quarterback either through the draft or free agency; my guess is they're happy having Jake Delhomme and Matt Moore battle it out for the starting job in training camp. Bottom line, the Vick story is a non-event.

Jason Brown

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Ryan said...

Well Mr. Brown I guess Carolina is not to happy to have Jake as the QB. Nobody wanted to take a chance on Vick until they knew for sure he still had it. Now that he has proved his self it would be a great look for Carolina. I believe also that he would play his heart out and would take us to the Super Bowl! Cuz thats all I care about is getting Carolina a Super Bowl Ring!