Monday, March 29, 2010

My Spring Break was Awesome! How 'bout yours?

Hope you all enjoyed my time away. I know I did. Nothing like vacation for a sports junkie! All the games I could watch.

I caught parts of different NCAA Tournament games over the past week; and now that Final Four is set my knee-jerk reaction is to say that I don't think Duke will lose to West Virginia. I base that on the fact I know Bob Huggins can't out-coach Mike Krzyzewski and I can't believe he could out-recruit him either. Then I did some digging. Turns out the Mountaineers, with Huggy Bear--aka The Sweatsuit--at the helm, dispatched of Coach K's Blue Devils in the second round in 2008 73-67. So, I obviously don't know anything. If I did, I would have predicted Butler to reach the Final Four in it's own back yard of Indianapolis. You can bet Bulldog fans are scouring the city and the Internet for tickets.

We're a week away from Major League Baseball's Opening Day. Which, for me, means life will finally be returning to normal. Fortunate to catch a few spring training games and I can tell you this, the Twins look to have another pennant contending team, despite the loss of relief ace Joe Nathan. Minnesota has power, speed and defense to go along with a solid pitching staff. Red Sox and Rays should make some noise as well in the American League East, although they didn't impress the times I saw them play. Of course, it's only spring training, so take that for what it's worth.

These last few weeks of the NHL regular season will be interesting as teams on the bubble desperately try to lock-up a playoff berth in pursuit of Lord Stanley's Cup. The Western Conference should be particularly compelling as it's possible teams who finish with 94 points could still wind up on the outside looking in. Personally hope the LA Kings and Colorado Avalanche can turn around their late season swoon, as both have been feel good stories this season. Once the playoffs start, that's where the fun begins my gentle snow flakes.

On a personal note, after a week away I enjoyed a successful return to softball. We won games on Saturday and Sunday and I didn't embarrass myself at the plate. Not that any of you care.

Finally, I topped the my time off watching a mediocre WrestleMania 26 that supposedly marked the end to the 25-year career of the infamous Shawn Michaels. Just like last year, he and his opponent, The Undertaker, put on a terrific performance that once again saw the Dead Man come out on top; stretching his streak to 18-0 at WrestleMania. Part of the stipulation for the match was if Shawn lost, his career was over. We'll see how long that lasts. Never the less the pro wrestling industry will have to do without one of its most compelling, controversial and iconic performers.

Sorry if my spring break bored some of you. I'm sure they'll be plenty of topics to weigh-in on in the coming weeks.

Jason Brown

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