Friday, January 29, 2010

Another going to the weekend hit

As Snowmageddon descends upon the Tar Heel State, a few thoughts on the sporting world.

  • Congrats to Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace on his selection to the upcoming NBA All Star game. Great honor for him, as he becomes the first All Star representative in franchise history. Weird how he is also the last remaining original Bobcat. Gonna be a busy weekend for him, with the dunk contest the day before the actual game. He'll be fun to watch.
  • Pro Bowl this weekend in Miami. Normally, this game means nothing. Ok, it still means nothing, but given the weather that is expected, it may be worth a look Sunday night. 3 Panthers, DE Julius Peppers, RB DeAngelo Williams and C Ryan Kalil are on the NFC squad. It's amazing to me that I can care so little about football when the coverage aspect of the the job ends with the season. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but when the grind of the season comes to an end, a break is a welcome thing.
  • LATE UPDATE--ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Panthers LB Jon Beason is heading to the Pro Bowl, rpelacing Patrick Willis from San Francisco. Willis is dealing with a knee injury, so Beason is in. On Friday. 2 days before the game. Not the way he wante dto go, I'm sure, but still, he's there. Good for Beason.
  • Charlotte 49ers did a nice job knocking off Temple on Wednesday night. I love the detractors, though. "Don't storm the floor." "Act like you've been there." News flash--they haven't been here in a while. Let them enjoy the win. Remember, this is college basketball, not the NFL. Exuberance is welcome, and even encouraged. Just do it safely, and never do it in the SEC. South Carolina got smacked with a $25,000 fine from the league after their fans stormed the floor following the Gamecocks win over #1 Kentucky. Really, SEC? The top team gets upset by an unheralded school, that school's fans celebrate on the floor, and you fine them $25K? Take a step back next time, SEC. That was a little ridiculous.
  • Charlotte Checkers remain mum on a possible affiliate and league switch. reports last week had the Checkers becoming the AHL affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes in 2010. Neither side is confirming that story, and I suspect it's because a deal is close. This is my hunch, and opinion, but I think it's happening, which is a good thing for Charlotte hockey fans. the challenge would then be to get those fans to come to the games, and bring a friend with them.

Be sure to check out our Discount Tire High School All Star tonight. It is Cierra Burdick from Butler High School. Wonderful young lady, with a bright future. Also, by going to this link, you can find my sit down with 4-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson.

Have a great weekend!

Mike Solarte

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I like your mention of South Carolina's upset win over Kentucky. I understand why there is a rule in place that prohibits fans from storming the court, but seriously why would they care if the school gets fined? They were just exuberant over the fact that their team pulled a huge upset of a top-ranked opponent.