Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What the???

So much for a normal Tuesday. I'm out running some errands, and my twitter feed starts blowing up.

OK, the Panthers finally traded for some help at defensive tackle, acquiring Louis Leonard from Cleveland for an undisclosed draft pick. I get that. The move brings in a body weighing 325 lbs, and at 25, could help greatly to plug the D-Line gaps.

Then, both Richardson sons, Mark and John resign from the Panthers front office without much of an explanation. Huh? Really?

From an outsider standpoint, this looks like there is an issue within the family. Since Jerry Richardson has been recovering (and even before his heart transplant on Super Bowl Sunday), Mark (as President) and John (as Stadium President), have overseen virtually all of the day-to-day operations of the club. It makes me wonder if Jerry (the biggest cat in the den) has said something to both about stepping down from their posts.

Lots of digging to be done on this one, and once I get a shower, I'll get my gloves on and get after it.

Oh, yeah, happy Tuesday everyone!

Mike Solarte

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