Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well, that didn't take long.

The Carolina Panthers have named Danny Morrison as the new Team President, just one day after Mark Richardson resigned from that post.

Morrison will leave his post as Director of Athletics at Texas Christian University, and begin his new gig in about a month. From the Panthers release:

"Morrison’s direct relationship with the Panthers organization began in the team’s inaugural 1995 season at Wofford College. As Director of Athletics he oversaw a fundraising effort that enabled the school to refurbish its facilities to host an NFL training camp. The Panthers just completed their 15th year at Wofford and the training camp is regarded among the best in the NFL. "

Among Morrison's other credentials, he is a former Commissioner of the Southern Conference.

I can't help myself, but there is more going on here than a sudden resignation by Mark Richardson on Tuesday. The news of his departure caught a lot of people by surprise, no doubt. However, to have a person in place roughly 24 hours after the news of Mark's leaving broke makes one, like me, think that this was a move that was coming for a while.

There are more levels to this story that may never be told. The only ones that can offer up the truth on it are the Richardson's. Only those three (and maybe others in the family), know the real story behind this. I have always applauded Jerry Richardson for being the "anti-Jerry Jones" owner. He stays out of the spotlight. He hires good people for his football team. He is "fans first." He doesn't need media vindication for his operation for personal satisfaction.

I can't imagine Jerry Richardson standing in front of a sea of microphones to explain why his sons are no longer an active part of the family business, especially if there is some disharmony within that family. I know I couldn't talk about it, and I don't expect him to either.

The speculation will continue, however, until one of the three addresses it.

Mike Solarte

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