Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeremy spoke in.....

The title is only for my bud Brad Broders, the biggest Pearl Jam fan I've ever met.

Jeremy Mayfield is suspended again after NASCAR won its appeal of the original decision to lift his indefinite ban for failing a random drug test. That ruling came on July 1st from U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen. Today's ruling from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals means Mayfield is once again suspended for failing a May 1 random drug test. Mayfield is not entered to race this weekend in Indianapolis. Someday this will all stop. Hopefully.

Forget to mention this in the earlier post, but the Carolina Hurricanes traded Patrick Eaves and a draft pick to the Boston Bruins for defenseman Aaron Ward.

That name should sound familiar to Hurricanes fans, as Ward was a long-time blueliner for the team. He was a member of the Stanley Cup finalist squad in 2002, and the Cup champs in 2006. He was also the guy that Scott Walker belted in the 2009 playoffs. that should be an interesting locker room when those two come together. Granted, it was the heat of the moment, and Walker was reacting to what he perceived was a threat (during the game). Still, Walker popped Ward pretty well in a move that many outsiders called a sucker-punch. Here's hoping these two can be pros about it, shake hands and move on. The common good of the team outweighs the ancillary stuff.

Mike Solarte

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