Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday musings

Spraying to all fields on a Friday....
  • Mark Buerhle pitched baseball's 18th perfect game on Thursday, aided by some former Charlotte Knights. Josh Fields belted a grand slam, but Dewayne Wise was the hero, making a ridiculous catch that saved...the shutout, no-hitter, and perfect game. He took away a Gabe Kapler home run, and nearly dropped the ball on his way to the ground. Sick catch, but those are the plays that appear during perfect games. Awesome stuff, and yes, I am also a White Sox fan. That's why it got top billing.
  • Lance Armstrong will ride the Tour De France in 2010 with Radio Shack as his team's sponsor. Good news for him, but how effective will Armstrong be at the age of 38? He has shown signs that he's not the dominant rider he was just 3 short years ago in this year's Tour, but he remains in 3rd place overall (heading into Friday's 19th stage). Armstrong has had a very good Tour, and who knows if he could have won it without the reported internal strife among his team (rivals Alberto Contador and Andreas Kloden being very good cyclists). He'll get a fresh start, much like his US Postal days, in 2010, and he teammate selection will be interesting to watch. Lance is good for cycling, for as long as he can keep going.
  • One other TDF there any REAL reason that the route can't be roped off, or fenced off? How about wider finishing streets, too. It amazes me every year that there aren't more crashes involving riders and fans.
  • Several reports out there that Michael Vick and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have already met. The league not confirming that as of Thursday, but now there are reports that Vick will get a 4 game suspension before being allowed to return to action. This sounds like an additional punishment to Vick, but it really isn't. Keep in mind, Pacman Jones was out of football for an entire year, and had only been charged with breaking the law. Vick was charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced. I'm no fan of Vick, the player or the person, but if the Commissioner is willing to hand down a 4 game suspension to him, and there is a team willing to roll the dice on him, good luck to all parties.
  • Carolina Panthers report to training camp next Sunday, which is really weird). Normally, this is the week they report, and get going. They have an additional week of preparation/vacation thanks to the NFL starting the season so late. I question why the league is doing that. Football season begins the first weekend in September. Just like baseball season starts the first Monday in April (historically). Starting the seasons later and later means the seasons finish later and later. In keeping with schedule changes, the NFL is changing its Draft from a 2 day deal to a 3-day affair, with the opening round starting on a Thursday night. Huh? I weep for Mel Kiper's hair stylist.
  • Had the chance to meet Tucker Dupree on Thursday. 20 year-old swimmer that finished 4th in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. He has lost nearly 80% of his vision since 2006, making him legally blind. He's the fastest American swimmer. Ever. You can see his story at Not only is he a wonderful swimmer, he is a nice young man that has faced adversity, and turned it into a motivator. Props to him.
  • NASCAR off to Indianapolis this week. Book it now--Tony Stewart wins there again, but this one will be more special for him with this being his first year as team owner.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mike Solarte

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