Friday, June 26, 2009

NBA Draft thoughts

Couple notes from Draft night.
  • Anyone banging on Stephen Curry for allegedly dropping his head in disappointment is a certified idiot. I've never seen a disappointed person, especially one who just became the 7th richest NBA rookie in the draft class, smiling in disappointment. Curry was hoping to go the New York Knicks, but Golden State snapped him one selection ahead of New York. Personally, I'm disappointed Curry is going out west. Having him in the east would have meant the ability to watch him blossom as a rookie. Now, it means staying up late in hopes of seeing that. Might be worth some shorter sleep nights during the season. Congrats to Steph, he'll do just fine.
  • Bobcats take Gerald Henderson with the 12th pick. It was a case of 1-a and 1-a. The Cats would have been fine with Henderson or Terrence Williams from Louisville, and when Williams went to New Jersey at 11, Henderson was the obvious pick. Was funny hearing MJ and Larry Brown talk about taking a Duke guy, considering their UNC backgrounds, but in the end, they feel Henderson will be a competent back up for Raja Bell, and given Bell's late season injuries, Henderson could be on the floor more than the average back-up.
  • Minnesota has to be thinking trade, considering they selected 4 guards in the first round. Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington. 3 point guards. 2 Tar Heels. Weird, but the T-Wolves need all kinds of help, and now they have some young talent with which to maneuver.
  • A big thanks to my media brethren for putting up with me during the draft. News 14 Carolina had hourly updates from Bobcats HQ, and it, no doubt, was a distraction for the others. I appreciate their professionalism very much. Speaking of the other media folks, beat writer for the Charlotte Observer Rick Bonnell had the observation of the night....with so few big men available in the draft, no one wanted DeJuan Blair from Pittsburgh early. Blair eventually was selected in the 2nd round, 37th overall.

This will wrap up my week on the blog, have a great weekend, and we'll chat again on Monday!

Mike Solarte

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