Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Odds and Ends

In the ever popular bullet format:
  • Jordan Gross and the Panthers are close to finalizing the deal wot keep him with the team. Some reports have it a 6 year pact, worth $55 million total. A nice chunk of change for a Pro Bowl left tackle, who wants to remain with the team that drafted him. As for the defensive end who wants to leave, oh well. I'm tired about talking it. Get Gross signed, slap the tag on #90, and then trade him. Enough is enough.
  • Bobcats. ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Make a late free throw, win the game. A missed free throw kept Orlando within 3 points, J.J. Reddick his a triple to tie it, force overtime, Magic win by 5. Losses like that one will haunt you when the playoffs roll around, and your team is watching, rather than playing.
  • ACC Hoops rekindling another Tobacco Road brawl as NC State travels to meet UNC. I forecast a UNC win, and won't be surprised if this one gets ugly (as in out of hand). NC State has been playing with confidence of late, but so have the Heels. NC State will likely keep things interesting for a while in the first half, but Carolina is just super talented.
  • Can someone tell me what is going on with Duke? I'm sure Mike Krzyzewski would like to get a handle on that. They still have some time to get things right before the ACC Tournament.
  • Nice move by the Carolina Hurricanes, honoring Glen Wesley with a number retirement (or was it a jersey retirement--I get confused by the two), before their game with Boston. Wesely is a class act, and was that way as a player. "Big Red" was a tremendous leader, and one of hockey''s gifted players. He is missed in the league, but his contributions will never be forgotten.
  • Davidson facing The Citadel, and guard Steph Curry is a game time decision. Not that Davidson needs him at this stage of the game--caution is the best thing the Cats can exercise right now. Facing Butler on Saturday night is more vital to their NCAA tourney hopes than The Citadel. How so? A quality win over a ranked non-conference opponent will help the Cats, should they need it, come NCAA selection time.

We'll have highlights of that one, plus Bobcats-Pacers, an update on NC State-UNC, and more on Sports Night at 10. We'll see you then!

Mike Solarte

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