Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Panther news

  • The Panthers reworked the contract of DT Damione Lewis on Thursday, extending the deal out to 2014, and converting a $2.5 million dollar roster bonus into a signing bonus. The deal likely extends beyond his actual playing time in Carolina, but it is now salary cap-friendly, saving the Panthers some additional cap dollars. The conversion of the roster bonus to signing bonus means the Panthers can pro-rate that over the life of the extension.
  • According to Geoff Hangartner's agent, the offensive lineman will test free agency once the clock hits 12:01 Friday morning. The Panthers were hoping to retain the versatile lineman from Texas A&M, but it appears that there are starting opportunities for him elsewhere--at least that what the agent is saying. Hangartner will be missed if he does go elsewhere, as he was able to fill in at both the guard and center spots when injuries started to creep into the Panthers 1st team o-line. He's got loads of upside, and it looks like he'll find that in another uniform.
  • UPDATE 8:50pm--the team did tender offers earlier in the day (updating this was low on the list as I was gathering additional info for TV), but TE Jeff King, LB James Anderson, and S Nate Salley. They also tendered exclusive rights deals to DT Nick Hayden, and CB C.J. Wilson. No offer was made to DT Gary Gibson, but that does not mean he does not factor into the plans. The Panthers likely want to try and spend less if they can.
  • Ken Lucas reportedly shot down a trade to the Detroit Lions on Thursday afternoon, and as of this post, he remains a Panther. How long that holds true is anyone's guess.

We should know much more once the sun comes up on Friday.

Mike Solarte

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