Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a difference one player makes.

No one addressed it fully in the Locker room. And when directly asked both players and coaches skated around the question. Did Russell's injury affect the team.

The answer is yes.

But they were not the only team who noticed #16 wasn't taking the field. Rutgers also seemed to smell the blood in the water. A team that looked anemic in the first half dropped 23 points in the final two quarters.

And the Scarlet Knight defense did something they couldn't do for the fist 30 minutes. Pressure the quarterback. Both Beck and Evans are pocket passers who just aren't as mobile as Wilson, when pressured they were rushed, knocked down and intercepted.

Although the loss is tough for the Wolfpack. I know everyone was excited when Daniel Evans threw the touchdown strike to Anthony Hill. Although the lead was short-lived how cool was that. Imagine if that had been the game winning drive. Daniel Evans in his final game coming off the bench to lead NC State back for the win.

Sadly to say it wasn't to be. Instead we really saw what a healthy Russell Wilson means to this team as far as wins and losses and the confidence he brings to the locker room.

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