Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

After spending 8 hours and more than 500 miles behind the wheel I'm finally here in Birmingham.

I have to say that the Wolfpack Nation travels WELL. I saw Wolfpack flags the entire drive down here.

Birmingham (for lack of a better phrase) has rolled out the red carpet this weekend. The city hosted an open block party for both schools and everywhere you go people are so helpful. I do have one knock on the cit I-65 sucks. I could not find a southbound entrance to save me life. I circled down town for 15 minutes. I finally had to just go northbound and hit a U-turn at the next exit( really who just builds northbound entrance ramps).

To the game! So I'm really looking forward to match-up between NC State and Rutgers. The Pack's secondary really came into their own as of late and everything they learned from this past season will be tested tomorrow.

Rutgers Quarterback Mike Teel is just a beast. He's tossed for 23 touchdowns and over 3000 yards. The Scarlet Knights by far will pose the biggest test of the year for State. Pack safety Clem Johnson should see sometime tomorrow. He's been out for close to a month with a leg injury. He's experience will be needed on the field but I just wonder if he can adjust to game speed.

Another story line Russell Wilson. It seems like he is always the storyline but he's been just phenomenal. The question will be can he go another game without throwing an interception. He hasn't thrown a pick since September 13th. If he continues his stellar play and commits NO turnovers the day could go quite well for the Pack. But if he losses a ball or two the game could get out of hand fast.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, though time to hit the sack I'm tired.


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