Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday musings

Notes of interest on this Tuesday.

Bobcats fans will want to make time for Sports Night this evening, as Raymond Felton will be in studio to talk hoops with us. In fact, tonight would be a good night to make Sports Night a regular part of your tv watching time. Like watching it every night, for instance. Thanks, we now return you to the blog.
Been thinking about Dwayne Jarrett's DWI situation which went to court on Monday. Jarrett pleaded guilty, lost his license, paid $420 in court costs and has to perform 24 hours of community service. I get all that. Big picture for Jarrett in regard to his football career, he's running out of chances.

The Panthers are an organization that doesn't like negative press. They've had enough of it, frankly. You mention names like Rae Carruth, Kerry Collins, the tragic death of Fred Lane, and sure, it makes sense the Panthers would rather you see them on tv running a football camp for kids, than anything else. Jarrett has to mind his business, to keep himself off the path taken by those guys before him.

Jarrett's "to-do" list should look something like this:
1-Get my nose in the playbook, and know it better than anyone else on the offense, and that includes Jake Delhomme. There is a reason that Steve Smith called you out in front of other reporters last year, and if there is any player in the Panthers dressing room that has grown up right in front of everyone, it's Smitty. Best advice? Learn from #89. You'll be a better professional for it.

2-Work out as hard as possible to build my body into a big-time NFL receiver body. The framework for Jarrett is in place. His commitment to his fitness is not in question by anyone. Showing his teammates that he is dedicated to the plan will pay big dividends in the dressing room alone, down the road.

3-Use the community service time as a way to show kids (preferably in high school), that drinking and driving don't mix. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one, as high school kids are not too much younger than you are now, D.J. Make the impression on them that "in just a few years, you will be my age. Do as I say, not as I did," kinda thing.

If Jarrett is able to accomplish those items to their fullest, that will earn him a spot in the lineup in the fall. It may not be a starting spot, but at least he'll have a uniform on Sunday, unlike last season when he was a healthy scratch in more games than he dressed out. Jarrett faces stiff competition at the receiver spot, with Smith, Muhsin Muhammad, and D.J. Hackett in the mix, not to mention Ryne Robinson wanting a piece of the receiver pie. Jarrett has the tools to become a solid NFL receiver. It's a matter of applying those tools, but now he has the added weight of proving his character to not only his teammates, but to the organization and the league as well.

Training camp begins on July 25th in Spartanburg, but there is a silver lining in it. The time spent there will be reduced from years past. How much time there? Hearing 2 weeks, rather than the 4 of the past. Good decision, guys. I love it.

Blog with more later, and always, your comments are welcomed.

Mike Solarte

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KA said...

Everybody's getting a DWI these days. It's almost as common as steroid use.