Thursday, June 26, 2008

NBA Draft Day and more...

NBA Draft is finally here, and the Bobcats have worked out half of the planet trying to figure out who they want to select with the 9th pick. Problem is, though, they worked out the half of the planet WITHOUT the top names in the draft, save for a couple. Larry Brown touched on it during one of the post-workout media chats, saying the agents are trying to control the draft. Coach is right, and the agents are likely going to be surprised when their clients aren't selected where they originally thought they would be. It's a dangerous game the agents play, especially when all rookie contracts in the NBA are slotted, and locked in--that whole Rookie Pay Scale thing the NBA has.

Which new rookie will Larry Brown be coaching next season?What will the Bobcats do? Well, I said a few days ago I thought they would trade out of the 9th pick, and after picking up Denver's #20 pick on Wednesday, that smells like a package deal with a team ahead of them to dish both picks, acquire an earlier first rounder, and perhaps pick up a veteran to go with the exchanged pick.

Or they could shock everyone and just keep the 9 and 20 and make selections. It's a very fluid situation, and one we'll be keeping out eyes on. I'll be live at Time Warner Cable Arena tonight, at Bobcats HQ, and we'll have the latest for you on Sports Night at 10.

Spraying to all fields:

* Charlotte 49er golfer Jonas Enander Hedin helped his European Palmer Cup team to a 2.5-1.5 lead after the first day of play in Scotland.

* Former Charlotte 49er speedster Sharese Woods is leaving for the U.S. Olympic Trials in Oregon today, and News 14 is hoping to track her down (she is fast, you know). She's a 4-time All-American, and after the Marion Jones debacle, USA track needs some good news. I hope Woods is it.

* Thanks to Raymond Felton for stopping by the studio on Tuesday. You can see the interview at here at , if you missed it.

* Ocean's 13 is better than Ocean's 12, but not as good as Ocean's 11. Of course, I'm not talking about the original Ocean's 11 with the Rat Pack. The original was good for its time, but the trilogy with Clooney and Pitt dominate. Maybe we should run a field of 64 "Movies of All Time" bracket....lemme ponder that.

Mike Solarte

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Wes Wilson said...

I think the Bobcats take Brook Lopez if he's still there with the #9 pick and then take a guard like Chalmers with the 20th pick. This draft is so guard heavy, I think they traded back into the first round to get a good backup PG.