Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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The NCAA Tournament is technically underway, but if you want to have some fun in our @MikeSolarte Twitter Brackets on Yahoo!, here is what you need.

GROUP ID#156620
Password is : sportsnight14

There is no cost, and a trophy will be sent to the winner.

Been a while since I typed up a video blogs are being placed on if you wish to check those out, but today is a special day at the blog....

Like the pollen that arrives every year around this time, so too, do the thoughts of a singular weatherman in the News 14 Carolina family (not me, you jokesters), believing he is the seer of all seers, when it relates to the NCAA Tournament.

Our guy Joshua McKinney steps away from his Doppler, and slips on his Bracketology Cap for this year'......BRACKET BAROMETER!!!

Bracket Barometer: A Forecast Full of Uncertainty…

Many thanks to Mike Solarte and the News 14 Carolina Sports team for giving me a shot to prove my forecasting prowess on the grand stage! I’ve got the verbiage to navigate this tough tournament and use it often when trying to predict the weather. You may often hear me say, “this is a difficult forecast; it’ll change by the minute, stay tuned!” You’re not here for that, you want substance. I believe at times, weather is easier to predict than people and that also extends to teams and sports psychology. Millions of unforeseen dynamics makes this a fascinating time to watch sports, analyze groups and cheer for the underdog!

Midwest: Wow! What a group of teams in this region! It’s stacked from top to bottom with talented student athletes, coaching and basketball skill. I’ll cut to the chase and get to the teams I see in the Regional Semifinals: Louisville, St. Louis, Michigan State and Duke. All chalk, but I think grit and tough defense earns Michigan State a shot at Louisville in the Regional Finals in Indianapolis.
Midwest Regional Champion: Louisville

West: There’s going to be a lot of red in this region. Upsets may happen frequently in the second and third rounds! When it all gets down to the Regional Semifinals I see four great teams with a diversity of play: Gonzaga, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Ohio State. Defense will prevail, but I don’t see it happening for Ohio State, I’ve got Wisconsin and New Mexico meeting for the right to go to Atlanta.
West Regional Champion: New Mexico

South: Some of my favorite coaches in college basketball are in this region. Tubby Smith, Roy Williams, and Shaka Smart to name a few! The selection committee is making it tough on me! The third round match everyone wants to see is Kansas versus UNC. So many story lines and history of the game shared between these two programs. Regional Semifinals: Kansas, Michigan, Florida, Georgetown.
South Regional Champion: Kansas

East: How can you not love NC State’s chances?! Get past Temple and you earn a potential date with Indiana! Call me overwhelmed by the anniversary of the 1983 team of destiny, but I see so much potential for NC State to match up well against the Hoosiers. Regional Semifinals: NC State, UNLV, Marquette, Miami. In 2013, the team that’s been on my radar all year long is Miami. I have a hard time going against them now.
East Regional Champion: Miami

National Championship Game: Louisville vs. Miami
National Champion: The trophy stays in Kentucky, but up the road in the River City. Louisville is set to cut down the nets in Atlanta.

Joshua McKinney is a meteorologist with News 14 Carolina, and you can follow him on twitter at

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