Monday, October 22, 2012

Panthers fire Marty Hurney

Panthers fans got their wish.  Someone had to pay for their 1-5 start, but did the Hurney have to go?

You've heard what Mike thinks.  What do you say?

Mike Solarte


J.D. Bolick said...

No one is saying that Marty Hurney was the ONLY problem, but it's absurd to minimize the devastation he has wrought. Hurney gave Delhomme $43 million just months after the worst playoff performance in NFL history, and that's just the most egregious of numerous examples where he grossly overpaid what a player could have received on the open market. The Panthers finished the 2010 season with the second most cap space in the league. Hurney's biggest acquisition was Olindo Mare, while the rest of that money was spent on re-signing a roster that went 2-14. Carolina currently has the LEAST cap space available in 2013 and 2014 while being the worst team in the league. I get that you're defending Hurney because he was an incredibly nice man that media members enjoyed interacting with, but anyone who knows even a little bit about the NFL realizes that he was one of if not the worst general manager in the league and needed to be removed long ago.

Mike Solarte said...

Remember, Hurney worked without a contract, and was a foot soldier for Jerry Richardson. Marty made decisions, but when it came to those contract numbers, my feeling is they came from above him. I am not defending him because he's a nice guy, and I enjoyed interacting with him. While true, the fact is Hurney's firing was done to pacify a fan base that had to have someone's head. Also, who do you blame for the 2-14 season of 2010? If you say Hurney, you would be wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a healthy debate, but Hurney is the wrong fall guy in all this. But he was the easiest fall guy Richardson could serve up to the fans.

J.D. Bolick said...

Mike, no general manager in the NFL is just a "foot soldier." Of course Richardson is an involved owner and took part in decisions, but the idea that JR was ever deciding contract terms or insisting that Player X had to stay and Player Y had to go is laughable. Do you honestly mean to tell me that Richardson is the one who disrespectfully dumped John Kasay without contacting him and gave a huge contract to Olindo Mare? Just stop. The bad contracts are on Hurney because he was absolutely never qualified to have that job in the first place, and the draft disasters are on him too. Marty was solid in the first round, but the only great player he ever drafted there (Peppers) is one he let walk for absolutely nothing in return, while no GM had a worse record with second round picks. Honestly, defending Marty Hurney only succeeds in making you look bad precisely because his record is indefensible. He was an awful general manager and should have been fired years ago, which is why his eventual successor will need years to clean up the salary cap mess that Hurney left behind.

Read this column from over a month ago: You are defending the man because you liked him personally, but it's time to let that go.