Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years' Eve....sports style

Well, the 2011 calendar is winding down, so here now, some New Year's Eve resolution suggestions for the sports teams and athletes around the state.

The Carolina Panthers should resolve to stay the course. The pieces are in place for this team to be a playoff contender for years to come. Starting next year.

The Charlotte Bobcats should resolve to find a way to get Cam Newton to every home game, and sit him with Michael Jordan. That way, when pictures of Newton and MJ hit the wire services, the name "Charlotte Bobcats," will continue to circulate. If anyone knows how to brand things, it's Jordan. Get on that.

The Charlotte Knights should resolve to get a shovel in the ground on their new Uptown ballpark. I know they have been resolved to this for years. I would then suggest that the shovel be presented to Jerry Reese when they are finished. Along with a season ticket. And a smile.

The Charlotte Checkers should resolve to doing all they can to further enhance their relationship with the Carolina Hurricanes. Problem with that is so many Checkers players are being recalled to the big club, it might be hard to recognize the Checkers before long. Such is the price of minor league sports. Still worth a trip to TWC Arena to see them, no matter who is in the lineup.

The North Carolina Tar Heels should resolve to stay healthy in hoops, and stay committed to the promises of making the football program something they can be proud of once again. The scandal has tarnished not just football, but the school to a certain extent. Gotta reclaim that image.

For Wake Forest, their resolution should be to keep Jim Grobe as their Head Football Coach (and I am not saying he is in danger of being let go, but could be courted again for another job).

For NC State, resolve to keep the momentum high from the Belk Bowl win, and push the program to new heights. Also, pack the RBC Center for the basketball team. They work hard. Represent.

For Duke, well, David Cutcliffe should resolve to continue making those bold pre-season prognostications. One day, maybe next year, he'll be right.

Finally, my own New Year's resolution, just for you. I resolve to do everything I can to keep this blog fresh, and give you a reason to check out Sports Night every night on News 14 Carolina. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Happy New Year,

Mike Solarte

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