Monday, November 21, 2011

The angry voice mail I got...

Came into work today, and found my voicemail light was glowing. The message was left by a viewer named Dave. Didn't catch his last name, but Dave was angry. Really angry. Sparing you the word-for-word message, Dave wants the media to call out the Panthers, and the coaching staff for the losses, specifically, the loss to Detroit.

One of his suggestions was for the media to simply "not talk," to the Panthers in the midst of the losing. As if the media not doing their jobs, would affect the team, and they would start winning.

Not an option.

Where was this anger last season, when they had an offense that couldn't get out of its own way? That was dead last in touchdowns, points scored, and other categories? THAT was the team to be angry at.

Look, I get it. I see Panthers fans every single day, and I understand the frustration. You want to see your team winning. So do I. Makes my job that much easier. A team that wins, is generally happy to answer questions from us, and be very easy to work with. When losses pile up, players don't look forward to media horde entering the room, microphones and notepads in hand. To this team's credit, they haven't dodged the questions (which have been repetitive). They understand the job.

Bottom line, this is a young team. Remember last season when only 2 players were on the roster over the age of 30? Much of that roster remains, and they are still young guys. Add into the mix the defense has been hammered by injuries. There are a lot of places excuses could be made, yet this bunch remains in games.

It isn't much help, Dave, I know. All I can offer in return is this: Troy Aikman went 1-15 as a rookie QB with Dallas in his first season. Dallas went on to big things after that. I'm not saying the Panthers will do likewise, but Cam Newton already has one more win in his rookie year than Aikman had.

Step away from the ledge. It could be worse. Like 2010 worse.

Mike Solarte

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